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Quandary Resolutions by mtc

  • #5244 submitted 10/21/2013: tumid, gleek, asseverate, analysand

    The bearded, bespectacled, Viennese analyst who sits notebook in hand with a nameless analysand reclining on a couch nearby while the analyst interprets dreams at a tumid $250.00 an hour--the whole stale and stock Psychoanalytic setting--has been parodied and gleeked so often it is nearly impossible to asseverate anything about the subject with a straight face.

  • #5243 submitted 10/20/2013: pestilent, unciform, parol, ennoble

    Fortunately for children and the young at heart everywhere, after a parol rehearsal of Peter Pan, author Sir James M. Barrie scotched the producer's pestilent and misguided entreaties to ennoble the character of Captain Hook by changing his name to "Captain Unciform."

  • #5242 submitted 10/19/2013: pestilent, insensate, in silico, shoal

    Gamers in silico drive pestilent sea monsters onto virtual shoals, insensate.

  • #5241 submitted 10/18/2013: pestilent, stipulate, doozy, aureole

    IN the sacred scrolls it is stipulated in the final days a false prophet, KROOZ, appeared among them, and surrounded by an aureole of awe in the eyes of his benighted followers, he led them down the pestilent path of FOLLY toward a doozy of a debacle, dragging the clear-minded down with them alike, weeping and gnashing their teeth.


  • #5239 submitted 10/17/2013: cancerous, sine qua non, adjudicate, blowzy

    In Vic Tim's uphill medical malpractice case against celebrity dermatologist Dr. Brandon Face, MD, after Tim narrowly survived a motion for summary adjudication, his attorney attempted to persuade the jury Dr. Face fell below the standard of care (the sine qua non of medical negligence) when he failed to detect and treat a cancerous lesion on Tim's blowzy complexion.

  • #5237 submitted 10/16/2013: sclerotic, sparge, pristine, pinion

    Gears undergo an oily rejuvenation at the Rehab Center: there gears of all types, including pinions, spurs, bevels, helicals, worms, hyphoids, zerols, spirals, miters, angulars, coniflex and crowns, turn and twist their way through a sparge of kerosene and oil, shedding any rust and mechanical sclerosis along the way, until they finally bump, thump, and roll off the line, shining with a pristine newness.

  • #5236 submitted 10/16/2013: sclerotic, sparge, pristine, pinion

    One day rising up pinioned and pristine like white doves in a blue, blue sky, or bubbles merrily ascending in sparged champagne, he hoped to liberate himself from the stale, sclerotic grip of dogma.

  • #5235 submitted 10/16/2013: sclerotic, sparge, pristine, pinion

    The formerly sclerotic piƱon gears which had rusted into place were freed up in nearly pristine condition after they were sparged with a lubricant oil, enabling the survivors to spin the prop, start the engine, and escape the island on a wing and a prayer.

  • #5233 submitted 10/15/2013: Down syndrome, allomother, ensky, arraign

    Jason's life story was extraordinary: mistakenly believed to have Down syndrome because of the unusual cast of his eyes, he was abused and abandoned by his ne'er-do-well mother (who was later arraigned and indicted), and raised by an allomother aunt whose selfless efforts were rewarded when her "boy" was enskied as a Nobel laureate in Physics for his discovery of the fifth fundamental force.

  • #5232 submitted 10/14/2013: Salmonella, iatrogenic, musket, solipsism

    Taking another drag from the shaman's peyote pipe, Dr. Salvador drifted away into an unsettling, solipsistic world where the laws of logic and proportion were suspended: the musket design on his signet ring freed itself and floated lazily before him; bioluminescent Salmonella bacteria large as watermelons swam into view, waving their flagella, then disappeared; he became one with the pipe's smoke and curled up silently into space; other iatrogenic artifacts too strange to describe continued to bedevil him until the psychogenic drug's effects finally subsided.

  • #5230 submitted 10/13/2013: Podocyte, purple prose, pecuniary, trepan

    Gazing at the slide of the octopus-shaped podocyte he had projected on the lecture screen, Dr. Kildare became lost in a reverie about pecuniary considerations of the planned Children's Dialysis Center: The Fundraising Committee would have to trepan rich but wary donors who had heard one too many pitches in purple prose about how their dollars would be "well spent" on the latest noble cause.

  • #5227 submitted 10/12/2013: fustilugs, jawan, couloir, promulgate

    Thousands of Indian jawans spilled down the freezing couloirs of Nanga Parbat  like an avalanche, overwhelming Pakistani army positions in Gilgit-Balistan along the two countries' jagged, mountainous border after the Daily Jang promulgated an article excoriating Indian President  Pranab Mukherjee as a "fat, warmongering fustilugs."

  • #5225 submitted 10/11/2013: fustilugs, microcosm, sodden, snollygoster

    A sodden, crapulous look on his face after a night awash in cheep beer, Melvin, a brilliant but unreformed alcoholic, staggered from the alley, raving incoherently about "snollygoster spies stealing plans for the 'microcosmic/macrocosmic contractor/expander,'" and giving his "fustilugs of a girlfriend memberships to Jenny Craig and a charm school."

  • #5222 submitted 10/10/2013: pilgarlic, beefcake, corrigendum, annulate

    Proctor & Gamble, owners of Mr. Clean, (the iconic, all white, pilgarlic, bushy browed, annulate, beefcake logo) hurriedly decided to publish a corrigendum when advertising copy which was intended to characterize the housewives' faithful champion as, "The 'Grimefighter' who arrests dirt problems," instead referred to him as "The 'Grimeflighter' who attests skirt problems."

  • #5221 submitted 10/09/2013: xanthodontous, understudy, nidus, obverse

    After he drew the shell out from its sandy coral nidus, the conchologist's understudy slowly turned it over in his hand, felt its porcelain smoothness as the shell curled under itself, saw how drab colors gave way to opalescent, golden hues on the obverse side, and realized to his great surprise that he had discovered a rare specimen of Erronea Xanthodon, the Yellow-toothed Cowry.

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