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Quandary Resolutions by mtc

  • #5219 submitted 10/08/2013: pediculous, choreography, pastiche, tittup

    TITTUP!", a glittering historical pastiche (and play on words) of celebrated precision dance companies from the Folies Bergere to the Radio City Rockettes, stumbled and closed quickly after it was panned by critics as "the most pediculous and ridiculous farce trotted out to traduce terpsichore and choreography in recent memory."

  • #5217 submitted 10/07/2013: furfuraceous, croggy, incarcerate, picaro

    With his stoned girlfriend athwart the handlebars ("croggy")  of his Schwinn beach cruiser, the Goodyear blimp overhead towing a gargantuan sign, "LIBERATE YOUR  INHIBITIONS! INCARCERATE THE COPS!"  a raucous crowd of loyal fans below wiildly cheering him on,  and a surge of adrenalin coursing through his system, Picaro boldly traversed the Grand Canyon on a tightrope in what many considered the stunt of the century and an outlandishly  furfuraceous ("flakey") idea. 

  • #5213 submitted 10/06/2013: shrift, wizened, polyglot, malign

    As just shrift for maligning an elderly parishioner of the polyglot parish a "wizened hag," the priest demanded Malmouth apologize to the congregation in fourteen different tongues. 

  • #5212 submitted 10/05/2013: shrift, amber, sleuth, whirligig

    Her affections were but a whirligig
    Spinning amber shafts of light
    Now here, now there,
    Warming some sleuths of love,
    Giving short shrift to others.

  • #5210 submitted 10/04/2013: shrift, catloaf, cat's-paw, bluestocking

    Silently easing the door to the lab ajar, seeing what she was never meant to see, Helen drew back in horror as suddenly it all came clear: Professor Bastet's bluestocking brilliance, her huge feline eyes, her strange passion for cats and Egyptology, the silent catloaf shapes which haunted the shadows of her lab, the contemptuous short shrift she gave to convention, the ease with which she duped her colleagues like cat's-paws, and now in the lab's dim light the nightmarish cat's head on human form--Bastet was an Egyptian god!

  • #5208 submitted 10/03/2013: caboodle, unitive, fimbriated, hoosgow

    Kit and Caboodle, two kissing gouramis with fragile, fimbriated tails, found life in their man-made aquatic hoosgow a pleasantly unitive experience. 

  • #5207 submitted 10/03/2013: caboodle, unitive, fimbriated, hoosgow

    Felonious, a man perversely proud of his criminal heritage who lived on the fimbriations of society, charged a well-known expert in heraldry to design an arresting coat of arms which scadalously depicted  a unitive caboodle of prisoners in black and white prison garb astride horses rampant, lances extended,   encircling a flaming crenelated hoosgow blazoned against a field of blue. 

  • #5206 submitted 10/03/2013: caboodle, unitive, fimbriated, hoosgow

    As a carniverous caboodle of piranhas, their ferocious jaws fimbriated with rows of razor-edged teeth, swirled around Sanchez with bloody unitive purpose,  he crossed himself in desperation, said a final prayer to St. Christopher, and wished and wished again he had never attempted to escape the hoosgow by braving the Amazon.

  • #5204 submitted 10/02/2013: dudgeon, splurge, minion, emanate

    Bart, the harebrained scion of a wealthy family, walked away in high dudgeon when Bert, the guardian of his spendthrift trust, demonstrated he was no rollover or mere minion of his ward by refusing Bart's request to splurge millions on a scheme to convert the emanations of fireflies into electric power.

  • #5202 submitted 10/01/2013: druthers, wherenot, Rubicon, loblolly

    "If I had my druthers," the Chairman of the Rubicon Crossing Reenactment Society ruefully remarked as he surveyed the chaotic spectacle of four costumed Roman cohorts mired in the marsh with their impedimenta, "I would have chosen wherenot dry land could be found for the reenactment--anywhere but that damnable loblolly."

  • #5201 submitted 09/30/2013: Molluscum contagiosum, cutify, foofaraw, instauration

    Making a foolish foofaraw over her daughter's recurrent minor skin condition, Molusca's dermatologist mother shouted, "This time you'll have to do more than cutify that Molluscum contagiosum with makeup, girl--bumpectomy with surgical instauration!"

  • #5199 submitted 09/29/2013: paregmenon, abnegate, betwixt, contrail

    Flying through the blue reaches of the troposphere betwixt heaven and earth, Melvin's jet traced a luminescent contrail through space which spelled out a somewhat pedantic valentine to his logophile sweetheart: "None can abnegate that we share the same heart like two words with the same root in the rhetorical device of paregmenon."

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