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Quandary Resolutions by mtc

  • #5482 submitted 01/29/2014: honeyfuggle, obviate, logy, ugsome

    "Honey Fuggle, Honey Fuggle," Bumbleman muttered, "her name should have told me" as he shook off a logy, drugged state to find the safe door ajar, and realized he had been honeyfuggled; the new security system did not "obviate the need for 'old fashioned' safeguards," as Ms. Fuggle had claimed, and he pictured her now as more conning than comely, more ugsome than handsome.

  • #5481 submitted 01/28/2014: skulduggery, penumbra, rutilant, riposte

    Lestrade shot off a text message riposte: OTFL, GTN rutilant glow and penumbral smoke was not Baskerville manor 20 ablaze BC of skulduggery, but American and BBS at play, URTM, KUTGW.

  • #5479 submitted 01/28/2014: skulduggery, penumbra, rutilant, riposte

    Recognizing Holme's incoming text on the rutilant display of his cell, Lestrade answered with a ready riposte: "I suppose you are going to tell me with your usual stale trope that 'skulduggery is afoot,' and that a fiend has taken advantage of the penumbral shadows to perpetrate a crime, perhaps even to burn down Baskerville Manor, eh?"

  • #5477 submitted 01/28/2014: skulduggery, penumbra, rutilant, riposte

    "There's skulduggery afoot, Watson, and we have not a moment to waste for riposte," the great detective remarked as the sun moved from penumbra into full eclipse, outlining the manor in a faint, fiendish rutilance daylight had obscured.

  • #5476 submitted 01/27/2014: bloviate, cop on, conflate, squib

    Flopping a half-dead squid on his elderly English teacher's desk with a loud "plop," Ben began to bloviate to cover an embarrassing lapse of "con on" when it became apparent he had conflated his assignment to "shoot a squib" with "shoot a squid:" "It was an epic struggle to land this dangerous cephalopod with my spear gun, Ms. Nugent, and--" but, his efforts were cut short by a piercing shriek.

  • #5474 submitted 01/26/2014: damask, monoousian, visage, boîte

    In an excavation located on land once occupied by a boƮte, construction workers serendipitously unearthed a vellum manuscript which contains what Biblical scholars now describe as 'The Monoousian Vision': "A bolt of lightning cleft the sky, and lo from the roiling clouds the visage of Yaweh appeared holding in his right hand three damask roses."

  • #5473 submitted 01/25/2014: damask, lose face, stymie, pettifogging

    "Stymied by *#! pettifogging lawyers!" the developer raged, turning shades of raspberry, pounding his fist, and splashing his Dark Roast across the damask table cloth when he learned attorneys for the ".#! Environmental Defense Fund" obtained an injunction permanently blocking his pet project to "improve" the marshland, and causing him to lose face in the media ("FRUMP THUMPED!")

  • #5472 submitted 01/25/2014: damask, lose face, stymie, pettifogging

    Outside the klieg light of public scrutiny, behind the damask curtains and walnut panels of the clubhouse lounge, the players dropped their sportsmanlike masks after the tournament and did a catty commentary on the winner's play: "Yeah, he was stymied behind a bush on the eighteenth, and he tweaked the lie of his ball a little bit, but when the officials caught him he did some pettifogging with the rule book and managed to avoid losing face--hey waiter, make it another double Old-fashioned, extra bitters!"

  • #5470 submitted 01/24/2014: damask, alicorn, acephalous, banal

    "This may be just the cure--an alicorn--to his banal tastes!" the decorator exclaimed as she unrolled the rich damask which depicted an acephalic dullahan, riding head in hand, flailing a human spine as a whip.

  • #5469 submitted 01/23/2014: iliad, blueberrying, pratfall, aphesis

    After the log cabin they labored to build burnt to its blackened foundations, after the first tender shoots of corn they planted lost their heads in an aphesis of frost, and after an iliad of other miseries and self-inflicted pratfalls, spring and summer finally arrived and the Jobs began again, rejoicing in the consolations of a fickle Nature: they felled trees, sawed logs, and built new cabins; pulled trout from the streams using willow branches as poles; wove baskets and went blueberrying in the thickets, plucking the plump berries from their leafy nests, the children returning home smiling and triumphant with berries spilling from their baskets, faces smeared with the bounty of their harvest.

  • #5468 submitted 01/23/2014: iliad, blueberrying, pratfall, aphesis

    "Just as a girl goes blueberrying in the bushes, Achilles plucked the Trojans from their hiding places," or perhaps, "As a giant oak falls in the forest, Hector took a tremendous pratfall," or then again, (trying to sound smarter) "Just as a word loses its first letter in aphesis, the Trojan warrior lost his head in battle," Sylvia struggled awkwardly as she began her first amateurish efforts to construct a Homeric simile like those she so much admired in the Iliad, but the chortles and chuckles of her classmates told her she still had a long way to go.

  • #5467 submitted 01/22/2014: perse, enthesis, jaunty, idem

    Writing in her signature perse ink, pulp fiction author Belle Bloom put the finishing touches on yet another passage (idem) of purple prose about sexpot surgeon Dr. Dreamy who cures in the nick of time the nation's star female Olympian of a painful enthesis so that she can make a jaunty finish in the 100 meter dash, and after a quick shower, fall into the handsome surgeon's waiting arms.

  • #5466 submitted 01/22/2014: perse, enthesis, jaunty, idem

    As he had idem 999 times before, Dr. Kildare successfully completed another Achilles enthesis repair, but this time with a jaunty celebratory flourish of his laser scalpel which traced a perse figure eight on the ceiling of the surgical theater to the astonishment of the gallery!

  • #5462 submitted 01/21/2014: campanology, palinspastic, melancholia, williwaw

    A sudden draft set the Corinthian bell chimes over his desk ringing, and looking up from his palinspastic map through the research station's double-pane windows into the howling darkness outside, it seemed to the young geologist the sun had set early to escape the willliwaw's savagery, sounding a bourdon of melancholia as it withdrew, and making him long for sleigh bells and the ring, jing, jingaling campanology of Christmas.

  • #5460 submitted 01/20/2014: stellenbosch, casuistry, zany, perspicuous

    Walking briskly away from mandatory arbitration with his lawyer, trailed by an entourage of shouting reporters, Kingsfield consoled himself that despite his reputation as a world-class authority and perspicuous exponent of Casuistry, he was fortunate he would not be fired from his tenured position as Gregorian Professor of Ethics and Moral Philosophy for his zany, drug-induced antics at the faculty mixer, but instead would be stellenbosched to an impressive-sounding sinecure (Principal for Undergraduate Development) the University created to save face and avoid potentially embarrassing litigation (His partner in the contretemps was the President's niece.)

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