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  • #5341 submitted 12/03/2013: disprize, fleeting, lacuna, pokelogan

    Fenton was another of those forgotten backwaters, so-called pokelogans, where society's disprized sought fleeting refuge in the dives and flop houses that lined the streets, a lacuna of untended neglect.

  • #5340 submitted 12/03/2013: disprize, fleeting, lacuna, pokelogan

    When the lake contracts during the dry season pokelogans fleetingly form in the lacunae left behind, creating rich ecosystems of microbial life the casual observer mistakenly tends to overlook and disprize.

  • #5338 submitted 12/02/2013: felicitous, bowk, inveigh, twain

    After drinking the chalky-tasting "Compassion Cocktail" the smiling social worker handed him with "Here, take this," it was as if Colonel Blimp had been hit by a felicitous lightning bolt: for the first time he felt the bowking clochards in the alleys he had just inveighed against at the Governor's Club were his brothers--not members of twain different species.

  • #5336 submitted 12/01/2013: blimp, glogg, clochard, pilcrow

    "Not long after they became the majority, for 'cosmetic reasons,' they said, and 'to keep up the city's image,' the Blimps unilaterally replaced 'homeless person' with 'clochard' in the ordinances, arguing a 'mere pilcrow' of a change did not require a quorum," one member of the liberal faction on the Santa Barbara City Council complained to another, offering a potent cup of glogg as she did.

  • #5334 submitted 11/30/2013: blimp, exterminate, lollapalooza, suppletory

    Squinting through his plastic monocle while slapping a quirt playfully against his jodhpurs as he surveyed himself approvingly in the mirror, Glenn Beck practiced his lines as he got into character for the Reprobates Costume Ball as Colonel Blimp: "Gad, the solution is simple : In no time at all we will exterminate our lollapalooza of a national debt and escape world government domination by refusing all further suppletory appropriations to the U.N.!"

  • #5332 submitted 11/29/2013: blimp, capacious, tomfoolery, wight

    In an amusing bit of political tomfoolery and a literal "sendup" of bloated reactionaries, wight wits in the Democratic Party sent a capacious "blimp" filled with hot air skyward with the grotesque, inflated image of Rush Limbaugh painted on its side.

  • #5330 submitted 11/28/2013: Rube Goldberg, tractator, foison, borborygmus

    Newton pressed the large red button marked "ON" and stood back slack-jawed as the improbable-looking Rube Goldberg contraption the tractator deposited on his doorstep abruptly sprang to life with considerable foison: levers lifted, gears turned, spindles spun, and sluiceways opened to the accompaniment of creaks, whirrs, clicks, pops, gurgles and borborygmus sounds, all of which activity culminated in a single licked postage stamp.

  • #5327 submitted 11/27/2013: McCarthyism, ace, divers, gelt

    "History has judged Senator McCarthy (the eponym of McCarthyism) unkindly, more ass than ace," the professor remarked, "a man of single-minded--not divers--focus who viciously destroyed careers with unfounded accusations of 'Communism,' pure in his depravity, unmotivated by gelt."

  • #5326 submitted 11/26/2013: gerrymander, unearthly, insuperable, wroth

    The unearthly ship parted the clouds descending as a sailing ship parts the waves of a stormy sea, with insuperable grace and power, an angel of wroth temperament inspiring awe in all who saw, and as it descended ominous gerrymandered shapes began to issue forth.

  • #5325 submitted 11/26/2013: gerrymander, unearthly, insuperable, wroth

    "Let's see now," the cub reporter puzzled, "which phrase works best: Wroth political wrangling in Washington has led to 1) an unearthly impasse, 2) a frozen state of impotence, or 3) a seemingly insuperable deadlock because gerrymandered districts provide no motivation for compromise, and insulate Congressmen from the majority's wrath?"

  • #5323 submitted 11/25/2013: curate's egg, rani, dragon's teeth, decant

    "It was like pulling--er, sowing--dragon's teeth, Your Highness," Lord Malaprop remarked, describing a diplomatic peace mission with hostile natives as he decanted a martini for the rani, "a scrambled yegg, ah egg that is, you might say, or curate's --that's it, a curate's egg-- because in the bend, er end, we did succeed in mortifying, ah mollifying the natives while losing only half our party in the fry that followed, ah fray, that is, yes, the fray that followed, Your Highness."

  • #5321 submitted 11/24/2013: amaranthine, scriptorium, exact, za-zen

    Laboring deep into the night in the monastery's candlelit scriptorium, hunched intently over his desk, Brother Benedict put the finishing touches on the illuminated manuscript just as the Abbot had exacted, painting bizarre drolleries in the margins with shades of gold, silver, umber, and amaranthine, including a unique winged monkey in posture za-zen.

  • #5320 submitted 11/23/2013: amaranthine, donna, Svengali, tenuity

    Count de la Mierda, a notorious Svengali, feverishly pressed his hand-written billet-doux proclaiming his amaranthine love of Donna Margarita into the hands of her lady-in-waiting who acting as a go-between in turn passed them surreptitiously on to her mistress, a lady well-experienced in affaires de cœur who immediately recognized the letters' tenuity, Count de la Mierda's professed ardor notwithstanding.

  • #5319 submitted 11/22/2013: amaranthine, zygon, forfend, protoplast

    Synesthetic artist Muralimanohar "A" was determined to forfend Prometheus, his protoplastic tone poem for the clavecin oculaire (color organ) which translated sounds into colors based on zygonic collections of tones, one repeating the other with slight variation to produce endless shades of purple such as amaranthine, liserian, orchid and mauve, which blended together with the sounds in one sublime gestalt.

  • #5318 submitted 11/21/2013: sub rosa, yana, trumpery, snarky

    Remington became understandably snarky when the sub rosa investigation he commissioned revealed the "unique" tangka depicting non-Tibetan yana he recently purchased was mere trumpery, another example of well-executed fraud in the high-end art market.

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