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Quandary Resolutions by mtc

  • #5314 submitted 11/19/2013: primrose path, omega, phosphene, omnium-gatherum

    They glided down the primrose path of perdition together into the omnium-gatherum of devils who swirled like phosphenes, waiting for the omega time.

  • #5313 submitted 11/18/2013: lotus-eater, full circle, homologate, commix

    "And so we come full circle," the speaker concluded, "ending where we started as a society which homologates the vital value of hard work after briefly embracing a self-destructive hedonism in the land of the lotus-eaters, two ways of life our odyssey teaches us do not commix."

  • #5312 submitted 11/17/2013: rube, rory, accolade, antitype

    Gazing wistfully over the cornstalks at the full moon, Billy Jo became somewhat rory-eyed as she dreamed of transforming herself from a rube into her antitype, a glittering starlet turning heads as she slinked down the red carpet in a designer dress by Alex Perry to receive accolades for her brilliant breakthrough performance in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

  • #5311 submitted 11/16/2013: rube, kraal, conurbation, con amore

    "Con Amore!" 'Rube the rube' and his girlfriend burst into song from his kraal in the hills, as they surveyed the sweep of lights from the conurbation below.

  • #5308 submitted 11/15/2013: rube, Easter egg, sporadic, maugre

    In a story recalling The Beverly Hillbillies, a clan of rubes struck it rich when Clem, Jr., while searching for hand-dyed Easter eggs hidden sporadically around his granny's chicken coop, instead chanced upon a diamond, emerald, and ruby encrusted Faberge Egg--the last of its kind--mysteriously buried there by persons unknown, maugre their efforts at safekeeping in an unlikely spot. 

  • #5306 submitted 11/14/2013: mulligan, minyan, gormless, commissure

    Congress has become a mulligan of gormless buffoons always ten members short of a minyan when it comes to passing important legislation, incapable of stitching disparate political views together along a commissure of compromise and common sense.

  • #5305 submitted 11/13/2013: harry, adipose, shard, subjoin

    Bert, the most adipose member of the archeological dig, and unquestionably the slowest, abandoned his carefully collected pottery shards in a panic, and subjoined himself to the hind end of the harried archeologists as they fled the spears and arrows of the incensed natives.

  • #5304 submitted 11/12/2013: biddy, peri, undergird, diathesis

    Undergirded by psychiatric treatment, Perry's mental health improved markedly, and the early signs of a diathesis to paranoid hallucinations of sprite-like peris and fanged biddies gradually disappeared.

  • #5303 submitted 11/12/2013: biddy, peri, undergird, diathesis

    Without an undergirding of psychiatric treatment, Perry's mind degenerated from diathesis to fully developed paranoia characterized by hallucinations of sprite-like peris, and feathered biddies with fangs.

  • #5302 submitted 11/11/2013: josh, rumpty, rectitudinous, roger

    "He must be joshing!" Melissa thought when she read the Personals ad in Hi-Tech magazine: "Rumpty SF male systems analyst seeks pulchritudinous (not rectitudinous) female partner for noontime tryst; signal 'roger' if interested."

  • #5300 submitted 11/11/2013: josh, rumpty, rectitudinous, roger

    "Preliminary data confirms our hypothesis," the professor of onomastics boasted, waiving his hand vaguely at a set of chalky numbers on the blackboard, "that given a choice, couples with a more traditional, serious, and rectitudinous (drawing out the TUDE syllable) character prefer to name their child 'Roger,' while those with a more liberal, humorous, and rumpty character prefer 'Josh.'"

  • #5299 submitted 11/11/2013: josh, rumpty, rectitudinous, roger

    "Well Rumpty Dumpty, mate," the sailor joshed the rectitudinous, Bible-thumper sitting next to him at the bar, "and roger on that."

  • #5296 submitted 11/10/2013: dreck, xoanon, comprise, mufti

    "Of all the dreck masquerading as 'enlightenment' in Hollywood," said Shannon, "the cult comprised of celebrities in mufti who worship a xoanon of El Mon Bubbard has got to be the most ridiculous."

  • #5294 submitted 11/09/2013: dreck, dematerialize, enormity, en bloc

    The Earth's dreck disposal problems were finally solved in the Twenty-first century when garbage from around the globe was consolidated en bloc into a noisome mass of considerable enormity, then hauled into space with tractor beams where it was de-materialized (Poof!) faster than you can say "Isaac Asimov."

  • #5291 submitted 11/08/2013: dreck, turlough, mitigate, novitiate

    During his novitiate as a junior meteorologist, to amuse themselves the older weathermen enjoyed filling Morton's ears with outlandish dreck: "So you see, unless the storm mitigates soon, the turlough will flood the surrounding countryside doing incalculable damage."

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