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  • #5289 submitted 11/07/2013: pogrom, Cassandra, bonhomie, clepe

    One of the least appreciated roles in history is that of the so-cleped "Cassandra" whose warnings of a pogrom society, hypnotized by the false bonhomie of a demagogue, ignores with tragic consequences.

  • #5287 submitted 11/06/2013: schmo, isomorphic, plenipotentiary, adscititious

    By stealthily introducing minute adscititious anomalies during the isomorphic mapping process, men were able thwart Zardoz' plan to clone the Schmos in endless numbers, thereby investing them with plenipotentiary power to rule the world.

  • #5286 submitted 11/06/2013: schmo, isomorphic, plenipotentiary, adscititious

    Investing a schmo with plenipotentiary power is not an act of adscititious intelligence, but isomorphic stupidity.

  • #5284 submitted 11/05/2013: schnozzle, unit, rubric, pol

    Political insiders joked the unofficial rubric of veteran pol L.D. "Large Denomination" Delancy, a man with a well-developed schnozzle for cash, was "No small unit$ accepted; large denomination$ only."

  • #5282 submitted 11/04/2013: bupkis, mara, lade, skeigh

    Though proud of his Scottish/Jewish cultural heritage, Robert "The Bruce" Horowitz tended to befuddle others with his unique diction, for example: "Oy vey, lassie, knowing bissel and bupkis about horses, ya dinna think ridin' the skeigh mare , laden as she was, would be sech a mara, and you'd end up on your tuches!"

  • #5280 submitted 11/03/2013: bumbledom, canine, kipper, vexatious

    "Of all the canine (doglike), kipperish (fishy), and vexatious (annoying) assignments in Bumbledom (neologism for a place where people bumble about), the frustrated logophile somewhat redundantly complained, "stringing together 'bumbledom,' 'canine,' 'kipper,' and 'vexatious' in the same sentence has got to be the most canine, kipperish, and vexatious assignment there is!"

  • #5277 submitted 11/02/2013: bumbledom, tell it to the marines, eristic, counterpoise

    "Tell it to the marines!"  became the battle cry of angry voters fed up with eristic excuses and Bumbledom from Congressmen whose only function seemed to be a counterpoise to common sense.

  • #5274 submitted 11/01/2013: bumbledom, auton, vaporware, animalcule

    "To avoid litigation over charges of 'vaporware,' we must navigate through Patent Office bumbledom, and have your application for the animalcule auton approved before the marketing campaign ends in August," the Patent Attorney advised, tapping his Montblanc pen on the desk for emphasis.

  • #5273 submitted 11/01/2013: bumbledom, auton, vaporware, animalcule

    Gazing at the video monitor in the operating room as a school of nanorobots (autons modeled after the animalcule Escherichia coli) swam rapidly with the flow of  arterial blood toward the diseased region of his brain, Mr. Bumble finally realized that his doctor's advice was more than mere hype, the technology she described was more than mere vaporware, and that--miracle of miracles--he might finally be cured of his chronic OCD. 


  • #5272 submitted 10/31/2013: milquetoast, cauldron, Demogorgon, phantasmagoric

    From a safe vantage in an interstice among the boulders, through the dim and blood-drenched light, Milquetoast witnessed a phantasmagoric struggle between the Demogorgons and Demiurges as they vied shoulder to shoulder for control of the storied Golden Cauldron.

  • #5271 submitted 10/31/2013: milquetoast, cauldron, Demogorgon, phantasmagoric

    "'Milquetoast,'" said the big Demogorgon to the little demogorgon sitting in his lap, "is nothing more than a Frenchified version of 'milktoast,'  and if you want to grow up to be a phantasmagoric monster like daddy and not a milksop, you've got to lick your cauldron clean."

  • #5269 submitted 10/31/2013: milquetoast, cauldron, Demogorgon, phantasmagoric

    "It's a great gig," the Demogorgon gushed, "fakeup artists to make you look like a phantasmagoric monster, sitting around for eight hours doing nothing but stirring a cauldron, scaring the pants off milquetoasts, I love it!"

  • #5268 submitted 10/31/2013: milquetoast, cauldron, Demogorgon, phantasmagoric

    Tired of being dissed as a milquetoast and a wimp, Throckmorton "came out" on Halloween as a phantasmagoric Demogorgon, stirring a cauldron of stage blood for sensational effect.

  • #5267 submitted 10/31/2013: milquetoast, cauldron, Demogorgon, phantasmagoric

    With his invited guests gathered round a steaming cauldron of cheese fondue, the Demogorgon proved a most able host, pattering amiably as he regaled them with a slideshow of phantasmagoric pictures from his family album, interspersing comments along the way, e.g., "Here's one of me, creating the Earth," "There's more cheese in the kitchen," and "Didya see that milquetoast jump!"

  • #5266 submitted 10/31/2013: milquetoast, cauldron, Demogorgon, phantasmagoric

    With the psychopomp leading him tightly by the hand down the winding, rocky trail deep into the sulfurous cauldron, Milquetoast shuddered as one lurid, phantasmagoric scene after another unfolded before him, until at last, rounding a bend he saw surrounded by attendant spirits and a ring of fire, the terrifying visage of the Demogorgon.

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