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Quandary Resolutions by pbwoodruff

  • #1596 submitted 08/15/2010: boanthropic, pavonine, moil, balneal

    After the queen, in a boanthropic moment, offered herself to the bull, she needed a bath and moiled away to fill a tub herself so no one would know, but the balneal effluent revealed some clues to her misbehavior, which she tried to carry off by donning her best silk frock of irridescent pavonine blue.

  • #1497 submitted 07/20/2010: panegyric, vitiate, conn, impedimenta

    As Nat conned the Slipper through the Merchant Islands he composed in his mind a gentle panegyric to the people who invented sailing without impedimenta in a small boat with nothing to vitiate the experience of freedom that such a voyage affords.

  • #1324 submitted 06/05/2010: ramage, biotic, ferret, penumbra

    Araminta applied the biotic agent to the invisible ink and made the tangled ramage of her family tree visible so that she could ferret out the branch that led back to the great poet, but found to her consternation that he was not an ancestor at all but belonged merely to the shadowy penumbra of collateral relatives.

  • #1318 submitted 06/03/2010: Buridan's ass, apothecary, apotheosis, swain

    Pultrinella waited while her young swain ran into the new age apothecary's where, unbeknownst to her, he requested a love potion and was given a choice between the charm that would make her love him as he was and the drug that would make him the apotheosis of manly beauty (but might leave him unloved), whereat he was suspended so long between the choices, like Buridan's ass, that sultry Pultrinella, who had already tired of him, gave up and walked away.

  • #1314 submitted 06/02/2010: philippic, interpose, nidifugous, goad

    Although belonging to a nidifugous species, the young coot could not be goaded out of her nest into the oil-fouled water, now that the sand bags interposed between the spill and the nesting area had failed and the president was reduced to phillipics against Big Oil, no more effective than Demosthenes' famous orations were against the tide of Macedonian soldiers that swept over Greece.

  • #1305 submitted 06/01/2010: orrery, sinecure, brainiac, oleaginous

    Dipping the orrery in the oleagenous medium lubricated the mechanism, that is true, but it so slowed the inner motions that the device no longer represented the correct relationships among the planets' orbits, with the result that the curator's job ceased to be a sinecure and he actually had to apply himself to a task for which he would have been totally unprepared had the ten-year old visitor not turned out to be a brainiac who knew how the mechanism should work and suggested a regime for cleaning it.

  • #1298 submitted 05/31/2010: McKenzie, sans, callithump, threnody

    The transition from the joyful callithump of the parade to the soprano's mournful threnody for war dead, sans intermezzo, was too much for me and I lost my composure, tried to gag the soprano, and am now in jail hoping that my cousin will serve as a McKenzie adviser in my trial tomorrow.

  • #1294 submitted 05/30/2010: carphology, henpeck, qui vive, scuttle

    His son who was on the qui vive for any sign of henpecking on the part of his mother, was shocked to see him addicted to carphology, having become so nervous that he disposed of the lint in the coal scuttle next to his fireside bed, with the result that his habit was as clearly manifest as coals spilt on a field of snow.

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