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Quandary Resolutions by pej

  • #221 submitted 11/16/2009: homologate, instill, dissertate, hoi polloi

    Oh, the travails of the automotive sociologist: never mind how much you rub elbows with the hoi polloi in the stands, how thoroughly your research subjects instill in you the esoterica of oil-changing, or how eloquently you dissertate on the class determinants of NASCAR spectatorship; neither you nor your sad, souped-up Subaru will ever be homologated into the world of the stock car elite.

  • #214 submitted 11/14/2009: Trojan horse, traipse, perspicuous, quiescent

    The argument of "Roach Ranching and the Restaurant Industry" was so perspicuous that no one noticed its incongruousness, and by the time the editors of "Modern Restaurateur" realized they had a Trojan horse on their hands, the offending pages had been printed in between "Rethinking Waitron Efficiency" and "Give Your Wednesday Specials Saturday Sizzle" and shipped to retailers, where stacks of the new issue sat quiescently awaiting the first health inspector who might traipse up to a newsstand.

  • #208 submitted 11/13/2009: Trojan horse, maxim, gust, carapace

    Although one should never look a gift horse in the mouth, neither should one put the cart before the horse; and should a cart arrive with a gift horse in tow, rather than the other way round, particularly if it be a horse covered not in hide and hair but in a hard carapace, one would be justified in greeting it armed and armored, with gust tempered by suspicion, whence the maxim: "When it comes to Trojan horses, use protection."

  • #206 submitted 11/12/2009: hobbyhorse, enchorial, douceur, asseverate

    Notwithstanding that directing the Sunday Singers is your peculiar hobbyhorse, Jedediah McMullen, if you continue to asseverate that your highfalutin' hymns are superior to the enchorial songs of Appalachia, I shall shoot you dead with this very flintlock and perform "The Cuckoo Bird" over your bleeding body as a douceur.

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