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Quandary Resolutions by sebuck

  • #4956 submitted 06/15/2013: sempiternal, encapsulate, gymkhana, palinode

    I thought I could best encapsulate the passionate feelings of my sempiternal love for him in poetry: an ode to the athletic Adonis at the gymkhana; but, alas! I was forced to amend my feelings in a palinode when my Greek god turned out to be a brainless jerk.

  • #2475 submitted 03/03/2011: diktat, insurgent, declension, gimcrack

    The leader of the insurgent army, who first arose in opposition to the diktat prohibiting private gun ownership, was experiencing a slow declension of his mental state as his obsession with firearms turned into a mania for hoarding them, from gimcrack toy guns to a fully automatic, military-grade weapons.

  • #2405 submitted 02/18/2011: fluke, gravlax, mayhem, libation

    By some strange fluke, while washing down my appetizer of gravlax with a refreshing libation of white wine, I began to choke and mayhem broke loose as I flailed wildly, breaking dishes and turning over chairs, in my attempts to signal for help in the near-empty restaurant.

  • #2402 submitted 02/17/2011: seadog, pareidolia, flounce, ululate

    The girl, held hostage on the pirate ship, flounced back and forth in her small quarters while awaiting her seadog captor, then indulged in a little tea leaf pareidolia to try and discern her fate, breaking into heart-wrenching ululation as the dregs of her tea revealed to her that her rescuer was in fact not coming.

  • #2396 submitted 02/16/2011: parity, balanephagous, chameleon, factotum

    My mother's parity was 3, but each had their own unique quirks: chameleon-like Angela, who showed up with a different hairstyle to the family dinner table each week; Sandra, who preferred be called a factotum, instead of a chronic job-hopper, and finally there was me--with my exaggeratedly round face, constantly being compared to one balanephagous woodland creature or another.

  • #2391 submitted 02/15/2011: pip, sherpa, brummagem, uxorious

    "I prefer uxorious to hen-pecked", my husband asserted to the sherpa who I had hired to lead him to the top of the mountain where rare apples grew, whose pips were purported by a brummagem healer to have magical beauty-restoring power, a claim that turned out to be as elusive as my rapidly fading beauty.

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