Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Quandary Resolutions by sionnach

  • #814 submitted 02/18/2010: Grub Street, tetchily, flexuous, duplicity

    "The vicious Grub Street hyenas liked to portray his fall from grace as if it had happened overnight, but that was just further proof of their inexhaustible malice and duplicity", thought the former governor tetchily; "an objective review of events made it clear that the road from the Governor's mansion to the crack house, his via doloris of the previous nine months (with occasional detours along the Appalachian trail and the Avenida Rivadavia), was as slow, flexuous, anfractuous and tortured as the ascent to Calvary itself".

  • #678 submitted 01/26/2010: oligopoly, furcate, bolide, evince

    "Ollie! Go!", Polly screamed, "Bo lied when he said he'd look out for Kate and me, Vince told me -- his true goal is to carve out an oligopoly in the bolide-hunting business", but her warning came too late, evincing only a macabre death rattle from her brother, whose stiffening corpse lay naked on the porch, with the strange furcate tribal pattern that was the killer's signature daubed on the torso, in the blood that still oozed from the gaping slash wound in the victim's neck.

  • #668 submitted 01/25/2010: theogony, copacetic, Valhalla, plenipotentiary

    Following rapid initial progress, the EU subcommittee charged with curriculum standardization for European divinity schools faltered due to rancorous disagreement about issues of theogony - matters had been copacetic until the eruption of an acrimonious dispute between the Vatican's plenipotentiary representative and the archbishop of Oslo, regarding the inclusion of Valhalla in the curriculum.

  • #638 submitted 01/20/2010: sedulous, transmontane, Augean stable, lacuna

    As he set about updating his resume, Quentin faced a quandary - was it better to acknowledge his six months sedulous service as chief latrine boy at the notorious transmontane coprophiliac retreat "The Augean Stables", or should he just leave a lacuna in his work history for the period in question?

  • #610 submitted 01/15/2010: eremite, damask, incoherent, pallid

    Ten years as a cave-dwelling eremite had turned Erwin into a pallid incoherent wraith, prone to sporadic psoriatic flares which dotted his body with lesions the size of damask roses.

  • #609 submitted 01/14/2010: canonical, occult, doldrums, draconian

    It was the canonical midlife crisis; marooned in the existential doldrums of his early 50s, Humphrey tried all the usual remedies - the red Porsche, dates with the Vassar coed, dabbling in the occult - before finally achieving inner peace by submitting to the draconian demands of Madame Dora, Denver's most despotic dominatrix.

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