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  • #778 submitted 02/11/2010: affranchise, ambilevous, Panglossian, coquetry

    Alas, his brief ambilevous flirtation with harmless satire, a coquetry with rhetoric so dangerous in electronic media to even the most Panglossian rendering, effectively affranchised him of credibility, a position unfamiliar to one of such a sterling reputation.

  • #764 submitted 02/09/2010: disport, disquietude, kapellmeister, vitiate

    A palpable sense of disquietude spread over the audience as the venerable kappelmeister lurched towards the podium resplendent in a Bermuda tux, and those fears were not vitiated by the realization of those closest to the stage that the maestro's baton was a rather acitve cobra, which began to disport itself among the first violins.

  • #759 submitted 02/08/2010: castigate, supplant, enthrall, approbation

    Throckmorton was hardly enthralled with having to supplant his long anticipated Maldives vacation for an appearance in court with his son, who had always castigated him for his lack of paternal approbation - perhaps justified in this case because young Winthrop had thoroughly beaten their elderly neighbor while on probation for arson.

  • #755 submitted 02/07/2010: nucha, hoity-toitily, parsnip, ignoramus

    "Madam, you may have flaunted your superiority over such an ignoramus as I for having presumed to serve you boiled parsnips, but your hoity-toity attitude has earned you your just dessert - this meat cleaver which I am about to slide, slowly but effectively, across your nuchal crest."

  • #749 submitted 02/06/2010: nucha, lament, comptroller, eschew

    This was no time to eschew expense, as though some comptroller should decide on the advisability of surgery - the little boy, despite his lack of medical insurance, needed to have his insidious nuchal growth removed immediately or else he would join his late lamented brother, a recent victim of Republican intransigence.

  • #743 submitted 02/05/2010: methuselah, affront, alow, distrait

    Although Gardner's fourscore years had painted him into a corner where he squatted, distrait, with his Methusaloid peers, he nonetheless felt affronted when the hooker (herself getting on in years) laughed when he promised to set her heart aglow, starting from alow, even though he had all he could do to advance to the poop deck.

  • #734 submitted 02/04/2010: daltonism, sanctimonious, vulnerary, pecuniary

    Despite his typically sanctimonious air, marked by ready references to his Harvard Medical School education (enabled not through his own merits but by his grandfather's lack of pecuniary cares), one might have thought that Lathrop would have judged it rather ineffective to offer his medical bona fides in support of this rather viscous, rancid salve, which,when applied to the eyes as a vulnerary for daltonism, incited merely a reddening of the cornea and a green pallor on the visage of the unfortunate recipient.

  • #728 submitted 02/03/2010: Maginot line, imprecation, elicit, aubade

    It began to go bad, when the clamoring aubade of the traffic on Main Street and Vine elicited imprecation, cursing this car nation - such flowery invective a mere Maginot line.

  • #720 submitted 02/02/2010: John Bull, yomp, evanescent, gelid

    "Good Heavens, Humphrey" moaned Klaus, "I realize that you love to play the John Bull, but to start out on this gelid yomp in merely those Capris and that evanescent wisp of a scarf is simple idiocy!"

  • #712 submitted 02/01/2010: Annie Oakley, contemptuously, raj, mondegreen

    The Raj, innocent victim of a mondegreen confusing "tweedledum" for "freedom", contemptuously had the unfortunate messenger tortured and killed, unaware of the Annie Oakley for Independence in his as yet unopened missive from the King.

  • #709 submitted 01/31/2010: roundhand, sedition, coeval, penchant

    There arises in the cerebral cortex seditious neuronal activity brought about by a penchant for rapid scribbling in the wee hours of the morning, rather than what might be induced by a more thoughtful use of roundhand -an evolutionary tendency coeval with humanity's long and difficult slog towards an affinity for accuracy, as exemplified by humiliating spelling errors.

  • #707 submitted 01/31/2010: roundhand, sedition, coeval, penchant

    A penchant for seditious machinations has been coeval with humanities evolutionary history, far surpassing even the interval between the use of crude glyphs and modern roundhand.

  • #705 submitted 01/30/2010: roundhand, mansuetude, collude, rapacious

    Manson's flowing round-hand belied his rapacious character, and suggested a certain vulnerable mansuetude, a collusion of his deliberately determined to lead the unaware to such a conclusion, and leave them vulnerable to the application of his strong and skilled hands to the cessation of function in their carotid arteries.

  • #697 submitted 01/29/2010: hagiography, usher, yellow-dog, verboten

    The current century ushered in a form of hagiography positively verboten in earlier times-a kind of yellow-dog snooping about into the private practices of well established saints such as flagellation, gluttony, and the occasional debauch- which left the faithful faced with agonizing decisions as to where to most effectively aim their supplications.

  • #688 submitted 01/28/2010: heliolatry, bier, maxixe, machination

    Winthrop, whose obsessive heliolatry spurred by his dermatologist wife's machinations, was now in his bier and left to the keening of his friends, while his aforementioned spouse was doing the naughty maxixe in the couple's bed, still somewhat warm from poor Winthrop's terminal tremors.

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