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Quandary Resolutions by umbraticus

  • #6717 submitted 03/06/2017: bludge, preprandial, postulate, fusillade

    James postulated that if he wandered down the hall he might bludge a preprandial morsel off the cook, Mrs Winterbottom—he was met with a fusillade of nasty epithets to which several choice kitchen implements were very nearly added.

  • #6716 submitted 03/04/2017: jettison, swatch, nugatory, lotus-eater

    I have jettisoned what you term normality and become a lotos eater: I now pass my time largely in composing swatches of nugatory verse.

  • #6714 submitted 03/03/2017: jettison, Rhodanian, cabotage, hydra

    The nine-headed hydra that was the local waterways authority eventually persuaded the company to jettison any further thoughts of obtaining Rhodanian cabotage, and they soon withdrew operations from the area.

  • #6712 submitted 03/02/2017: pinchgut, devastavit, laconic, crocodilian

    He was a dreadful pinchgut (he issued a writ of devastavit to his own sister for having eaten their deceased mother's chocolate cake!), impossibly laconic (when told that he could be forced to give up the parking space he habitually occupied if its rightful owner were to go to the authorities, he replied with one word: “if”), and utterly crocodilian (“It pains me to have to point this out,” he said, demonstrating with inner glee my misplaced apostrophe...).

  • #6710 submitted 03/01/2017: slush fund, englyn, exponent, malfeasance

    Locked up for malfeasance and operating a slush fund, in prison he took to writing englynion and awdlau and soon became the chief exponent of traditional poetry inside.

  • #6708 submitted 02/28/2017: jury-rig, millstone, genuflect, shrive

    Unshriven and with a millstone round his neck, he genuflected reverently before the jury-rigged cross.

  • #6706 submitted 02/26/2017: lollygag, dressing room, indigenous, meritorious

    'Tis hardly meritorious to be caught lollygagging in the dressing room with those indigenous thespians.

  • #6704 submitted 02/25/2017: lollygag, shovelware, hoary, runnel

    What once was a mere runnel of online traffic to our site has become a mighty torrent: this newspaper is a hoary institution—and we're proud of our tradition—but we need to get with the times; I want us to get away from the, to put it frankly, shovelware we've been lollygagging about with so far and move towards more bespoke online content.

  • #6703 submitted 02/24/2017: lollygag, logrolling, kudos, scapegrace

    Most dismissed him as a lollygagging scapegrace, but he did deserve kudos for logrolling with his neighbours when they decided to turn the local vacant lot into a community garden.

  • #6700 submitted 02/23/2017: codswallop, easel, finesse, beastie

    Pierre worked at the easel with a professional's finesse, all the while cooing baby-talk codswallop in an effort to keep the fidgety little beastie that was his subject perched atop the plush satin cushion: sometimes he questioned the decisions he had made in life.

  • #6696 submitted 02/20/2017: kibosh, fictive kin, onus, statecraft

    Phyllis, having taken on the onus of extended family statecraft, made no bones about putting the kibosh on having fictive kin at the reunion: “You may well call her ‘Aunty Mabel’ but where is the bloodline?”

  • #6695 submitted 02/19/2017: gerrymander, Dolly Daydream, bemuse, fress

    "Hey, Dolly Daydream, don't look so bemused!" said Joey, fressing away at a huge bowl of Doritos, "it's basically an  essay on local government gerrymandering; how hard can it be?"

  • #6692 submitted 02/18/2017: gerrymander, domable, protean, craquelure

    Teri ran her finger across the spider's web of craquelure which covered the large and rather ancient map of the surrounding counties, tracing a new boundary: with a swipe here she annexed a goodly portion of contentious farmland; by judiciously ceding some territory there she rid herself of those she knew to be of questionable allegiance; with a grand gesture extending towards the edge of the painting she implied that her undoubted superiority in that region spoke for itself—for her these shapes on the map were protean but ultimately domable; the skilled gerrymanderer could carve up exactly what she needed to stay on top.

  • #6690 submitted 02/17/2017: gerrymander, Sturm und Drang, cachet, oscitant

    Aubrey had outlived his Sturm und Drang and matured into anoscitant middle-aged schlub, ripe for being taken advantage of by certain politicians whose only cachet lay in a genius for gerrymandering people like him into a useful sheep-like mass,  or what they euphemistically would call a constituency.

  • #6688 submitted 02/16/2017: McCarthyism, pro domino, sward, procrustean

    McCarthyism was rampant: one man was charged with being in possession pro domino of anti-state literature, of whose being on his very person he was not even aware, and which in reality had been planted on him by the same procrustean henchmen who moments later dragged him politely kicking and protesting across the carefully manicured sward in front of his house and into a menacing vehicle waiting at the kerb.

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