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Quandary Resolutions by umbraticus

  • #6686 submitted 02/15/2017: Benedict Arnold, dumpee, voluble, sine die

    She began to suspect something when he put off sine die their appointed tryst; when his once voluble electronic correspondence dwindled to enduring silence, she knew that it was over, that he was a traitor, a scoundrel, a real Benedict Arnold, a truly perfidious specimen; soon enough he was just another of her many dumpees.

  • #6685 submitted 02/14/2017: John Hancock, tachycardia, billet-doux, spoony

    Tachycardia set in when she saw his John Hancock beneath what was obiously a rather spoony billet-doux.

  • #6681 submitted 02/12/2017: gargantua, abderitism, weltanschauung, calliopean

    With a calliopean squeal the preposterous sports car tore away from the kerb, the brutish gargantua at its wheel, causing Mrs Twiddlesnick to breathe forlornly, "People don't change," voicing once more the tired abderitism which made up the whole of her sorry weltanschauung.

  • #6680 submitted 02/11/2017: gargantua, zaikai, ragtag, noblesse oblige

    This gargantua of the zaikai had one weakness, a tragic sense of noblesse oblige: something that certainly wouldn't hinder our ragtag collection of start-up kids and venture capitalists.

  • #6678 submitted 02/09/2017: struwwelpeter, grand fromage, peradventure, muckrake

    Johnson turned up in the office with that Struwwelpeter look that told you the Big Fromage himself had rung to rouse him out of bed, peradventure to muckrake something juicy on this McFarlane affair.

  • #6676 submitted 02/08/2017: Mrs. Grundy, butterfat, carceral, troglodyte

    I'm no Mrs Grundy, but this troglodyte deserves to be shut up in some kind of carceral compound and fed on skimmed milk: no butterfat for him.

  • #6674 submitted 02/07/2017: bovarism, instigator, nexus, bonzer

    ``Bonzer!'' said Jones, affecting an Australian accent: I had no idea who had been the instigator of this antipodean bovarism but I suspected the nexus lay in those letters he had been receiving par avion.

  • #6670 submitted 02/06/2017: gnathonic, mana, extremophile, paralogize

    Professor Thumplewit had published thousands of papers on the behaviours and biology of various extremophiles, and he had a bevy of gnathonic PhD students working beneath him, but to extrapolate from this that he was possessed of any kind of intradepartmental mana would be to paralogise, for his colleagues, to a man, considered him quite out of his mind.

  • #6668 submitted 02/05/2017: schmatte, yokeag, luculent, juggernaut

    As she rolled out of the lumpy bed, dropped yesterday's schmatte over her head, and prepared a little yokeag for the day, yesterday's sermon still rang in her ears; he had been perfectly luculent: the juggernaut of progress could not be resisted on one's own; we must bind together to maintain the unquestionable benefits of this simple way of life; everyone's resolve must hold true.

  • #6666 submitted 02/04/2017: schmatte, dais, grandee, feinschmecker

    Devildung was an old grandee of the schmatte trade and a respected feinschmecker to boot: as he mounted the dais most of the gathered trendsetters turned to revere him, or at least looked up from their phones.

  • #6664 submitted 02/03/2017: schmatte, cunette, abyssal, cloudland

    The ditches have run dry down to their cunettes,
    No drop from cloudland has fallen in years,
    Abyssal Poseidon a parched seabed treads
    In a greasy old schmatte weeping dusty tears.

  • #6662 submitted 02/02/2017: futz, rankism, imprecate, umbra

    Pure rankism prevented Postlethwayt from joining O'Donnel as he futzed about beneath the umbra of the broken down vehicle's bonnet, but he did allow himself from some space off to make a few noises sympathetic to the imprecations flowing therefrom.

  • #6660 submitted 02/01/2017: potch, gutbread, hard-boiled, ataraxia

    He thought of himself as possessed of a rather hard-boiled sensibility, but the butcher's being unable to supply him with his usual measure of gutbread and tripe potched violently at his carefully cultivated ataraxia, and he very nearly flew off the handle.

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