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Quandary Resolutions by whysolofi

  • #1673 submitted 09/02/2010: fait accompli, gird, vulpine, bilocation

    Born with the power of bilocation, the wandering monk, vulpine in gaudy magician's clothes, knew teleportation was a fait accompli, though a politely feigned uncertainty could serve as a fine lasso to gird the vulnerable dinner theater fat of a guileless audience's faith; that was how he saw all people now, and so life and its rehearsals or denials had come to bore him or even to bore through him.

  • #1668 submitted 09/01/2010: enfant terrible, swelter, hector, beek

    "Brigitte, in that scuba gear poolside with your proportions, you're an enfant terrible, bebe," hectored Serge as he posed to beek like a solar god in the oppressive Saint-Tropez glare, but his brain and the jurisdiction of his polyester speedo sweltered and shriveled in nervous, endless rounds instead; Bardot had him in a bardo state as the sun punished away consciousness.

  • #1664 submitted 08/31/2010: decolletage, rhabdomyolysis, dram, beek

    Heed not what the doctors say and beek in the glorious sun; though your rhabdomyolysis keeps you frail, spread a dram of life on your concave decolletage before you bask prone and let that life evaporate through reaches of golden rays: through mysterious swells of ecstatic loss.

  • #1660 submitted 08/30/2010: agent provocateur, nougat, flat-hat, shenanigan

    Eris, who grew up to be a fine actress and an even finer sociopath, fully embodied the petitie agent provocateur: at the candy store she shoved her rosy cheeks full of nougats and spit them back into their boxes, at preschool she rallied her mates in bodily fluid fingerpaint shenanigans, and at the county fair she bullied the younger children to steal tokens for funding hours of automated airplane rides--these were her escapist drug, as she imagined herself skywriting obscenities and flat-hatting centimeters from all the grown-ups' shiny, bald heads.

  • #1656 submitted 08/29/2010: garuda, lopsided, quorum, kith

    A god needn't the lopsided support of that quorum of earthly kith--a family and its caves and fires--but may take refuge in the wing or breast of an avatar servant, be it garuda or pegasus: never shall he fry his beast for a family picnic.

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