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Quandary Resolutions by wordgirl

  • #6079 submitted 09/25/2015: antonomasia, dichotomy, morpheme, donnybrook

    Nobody had expected a veritable donnybrook to ensue in the old print shop, when the faculty could not seem to resolve a dichotomy regarding the use of antonomasia -- with or without an additional morpheme -- in the wording on the poster for the upcoming Shakespeare festival, which would describe the costumed university president as either " the Bard" or "Bard-like".

  • #6078 submitted 09/24/2015: pochismo, alas, timeless, scorbutic

    Victor "Loco" Valdez, relentless bouny hunter from East Los Angeles, had followed bail jumper Ivan the Yakut all the way from California to his target's home turf (or should we say "taiga"), spending many weeks in that timeless land of ice and snow known as Yakutia, during which both became scorbutic from a crap diet of partially spoiled meat and various tinned foods, and all the while, the native's knowledge of his homeland gave him the advantage until he ventured into unfamiliar territory and tripped at the edge of an evolving alas, breaking his ankle, at which point his pursuer stood over him as he lay sprawled in the melting slush and uttered the Angelino pochismo "quebrado", which means "broken" in proper Spanish, but also means "busted", as  in American police vernacular for "you're under arrest".

  • #5739 submitted 03/11/2015: cento, quibble, lucrative, momism

    The newly discovered cento was a veritable verbal mixtape of momism, compiled from tributes to the mothers of the ancient world, but its release in modern times was so lucrative that various people began to quibble about the authorship and ownership of certain phrases, and their rights to profit from its publication. (Blurred Lines)

  • #5713 submitted 02/27/2015: per contra, house of cards, rationale, ad hockery

    Instead of a well-run, useful program to help our citizens, per contra the state ended up with a house of cards -- ready to collapse at any minute, due to the usual ad hockery of bureaucratic mismanagement rather than preparation of the clear and organized rationale needed to reach the goal.

  • #5709 submitted 02/26/2015: bona fide, beaver away, captious, inutile

    For Tell a Fairy Tale Day, February 26:

    Pinocchio ignored the captious mutterings of the townsfolk who considered him no more than a plaything as he beavered away at seemngly inutile tasks in Geppetto's workshop, knowing that some day soon he'd become a bona fide child, just like their own.


  • #5661 submitted 01/28/2015: jaundiced, penumbra, retronym, cabotage

    Even though Maggie was rather unique as a female coastal pilot, her family had been involved in cabotage for generations, but being a rarity did not necessarily make her more amenable to modern ways, for she tended to be rather jaundiced in her attitude regarding the cargo of electronic gadgets, preferring instead those items now described by their retronyms, such as rotary-dial telephones, vinyl discs, audio tapes, and acoustic instruments, much as she preferred a piece of smoked glass to view the day's partial eclipse of the sun while she stood within the penumbra.

  • #5658 submitted 12/24/2014: quantum, bullshot, extraneous, consanguinity

    As part of his study of identical twins, in order to see whether consanguinity (nature) or the home environment (nurture) was more likely to determine similarities, Dr.Kwack introduced the possibly extraneous variable of behavior at parties, and decided to measure the quantum of bullshot imbibed by each subject during a competitive drinking and bull riding "all beef" event.

  • #5651 submitted 11/21/2014: leitmotif, yana, golden handcuffs, bovarism

    In an atempt to change the bovarism which had been the leitmotif of her adult life, Krystol Shampain whole-heartedly embraced the golden handcuffs of her new job's workplace wellness programs, with cooking and yoga classes which introduced her to vegetarian cuisine and the world of Buddhist thought and spiritual practice, with its accompanying yana.

  • #5632 submitted 09/28/2014: plutomania, meadery, sotto voce, helpmate

    The helpmate of the man who ran the tasting room at the meadery did not realize the extent of her partner's plutomania until a traveler entered and she overheard his teenage son say sotto voce to his dad, "Bet you can break your previous sales record with this one".

  • #5631 submitted 09/25/2014: dactyloscopy, lampoon, palaver, iwis

    Iwis, the coroner did lampoon the police inspector for all his palaver about dactyloscopy and forensic science, for, in fact, the poor man cannot tell a fingerprint from a nose smudge left on a window by a peeping tom.

  • #5630 submitted 09/15/2014: mayhap, rally cap, divarication, flapdoodle

    Mayhap the flapdoodle about wearing a rally cap during critical parts of the game will prevent the divarication from reaity of fan hopes for a winning season.

  • #5626 submitted 08/29/2014: repose, skyclad, precocial, osculate

    O, to be born precocial

    To rise from our newborn repose


    To oculate the earth beneath

    And reach skyward

    As we begin to dance

  • #5625 submitted 08/25/2014: recapitulate, draculin, operose, ethos

    Professor Vlad summarized his lecture on peasant life in Transylvania, saying, "To recapitulate, if I wanted to describe the ethos of the valley dwellers it would be to say that they were hard working to the point of making their daily tasks operose, until recently, when many who labored found their energy sapped by the circulation of draculin in the bloodstream, due to the farmers' ever expanding incursions into the forest home of the vampire bat. 

  • #5622 submitted 08/17/2014: ruminate, remuneration, crazy-quilt, cacography

    Bertie began to ruminate about the poor remuneration he had been offered for his services but when he asked for an accounting of the amount, the records he was shown were a crazy-quilt pile of paper pieces, rather than completed forms, covered with the worst sort of cacography.

  • #5621 submitted 08/16/2014: ruminate, nowise, jink, fink

    Mikey ruminated long and hard about the plan he had overheard, but he nowise would fink, which left him jinking from the unexpected appearance of two beat cops.

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