Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?

Quandary Resolutions by zathrosM31

  • #861 submitted 02/27/2010: bibliomane, laud, apex, supplicate

    Although his admirers lauded Humphrey Applebee as a cultured bibliophile, his friend Damian Crowley knew that old "Humpy" was a ravenous bibliomane at the apex of his talents, able to persuade local booksellers with pitiful supplications to offer him credit when his book-buying funds were exhausted.

  • #854 submitted 02/26/2010: caveat, tedious, thew, mulct

    Jocko, the west St. Louis jazz pianist, would preface his performances with the caveat that he was no Bud Powell, luring the audience into believing that they had been mulcted into a tedious night; then, deliver a scintillating piece with all the flair, sparkle and thew of Powell's best.

  • #816 submitted 02/18/2010: Grub Street, tetchily, flexuous, duplicity

    Working as a gossip columnist for Caracas's notorious Grub Street newspaper, "El Gusano" (The Worm), Carmen reported, in her flexuous, fescennine style, the daily duplicity and zesty dalliances of local politicos, who tetchily referred to her as La Mosca Basurera (The Garbage Fly).

  • #798 submitted 02/15/2010: billingsgate, repercussion, astrolabe, vivify

    After haggling with the used astronomer's equipment dealer, whose billingsgate-peppered discourse equaled that of the saltiest sailor, Tycho Brahe traded his copper nose for a dusty but functioning astrolabe and 10 Danish marks which vivified his spirits and mollified his distress at the social repercussions of going about bereft of his beak.

  • #789 submitted 02/14/2010: omadhaun, huggable, dally, billet-doux

    Despite Malachy's acting like a bumbling omadhaun at the harvest party, Rachel felt drawn to his huggable gaucheness and his ability to dally about with all and sundry; so, in a moment of giddy attraction, she shot off a visual billet-doux, replete with promise, to him with her sultry brown eyes.

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