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expiate, buttress, littoral, exegesis
Mary Grand -- ever the intellectual, despite her busy schedule as CEO of Love Mega Media -- found herself in a slump while working on her exegesis of the heretical text, “Littoral Traces: ‘Footsteps in the Sand’ Exposed,” because, although she could analyze and explain the text, she could not find anything to critically challenge in the author’s argument that the premise of the “Footsteps in the Sand” poem -- that one who is walking with the Lord, whether through good times (two sets of footprints) or bad times (one set of footprints), is walking on a sandy beach -- is contradictory to the Lord’s parable of Matthew 7:26, in which one who abides by his (the Lord’s) words is like the wise man who builds his house upon the rocks and one who doesn’t abide is like the foolish man who builds upon the sand; she was in a slump, that is, until she felt someone pick her up and start to carry her, at which time she had an epiphany that -- if it remained unchallenged -- would forever confirm the poem’s standing in the canon of biblical literature: “walking with the Lord,” “sand,” and “house” were not metaphors at all, but rather were used literally to mean that the Lord was carrying his followers in hard times so that they could plan how to build their mansions on rocks that were within walking distance to their private beachfronts! -- and feeling so buttressed, she landed solidly on her own two feet and vowed to expiate her lack of faith by committing herself to the acquisition of another struggling mom & pop company and to thereby increase (all for His Glory!) her (littoral) share of the Jersey shore.
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