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Quandary Resolution 3995
chop-chop, Olympiad, wiseacre, hew

"Chop-chop, or we'll miss the Olympiad!" cried Vlastimil brightly, clapping his rubicund hands together and milling swiftly about the room with an almost hovercraftian gait (you have to understand that the man's feet moved so rapidly, their motion was a literal blur: a faster-than-the-eye rotary whirl, redolent of some swine-encumbered cartoon burro; and this superhuman ability enabled Vlastimil to sort of "glide" from one place to another in an astonishingly smooth and fluid manner, like a hummingbird deftly flitting between flowers); now, leave it to a wiseacre like Magic Package Lenny to crassly point out to the ebullient Czech that the word Olympiad referred, not to the Games themselves (as Vlastimil clearly thought), but rather to the quadrennial between them--for Magic Package Lenny always hewed to the letter of the linguistic law, ne'er missing an opportunity to pounce on some grammatical faux pas (be it e'er so mundane) and mercilessly sock it to the offending soul: and 'twas for this very reason that we eventually poured Crazy Glue on Magic Package Lenny's tuchus and fastened the obnoxious magician ass-first to the underside of the 59th Street Bridge (where, if I'm not mistaken, he hangs to this day).


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