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Quandary Resolution 513
qualtagh, inexorably, Sturm und Drang, expatiate
Exhilarated but exhausted after his New Year's Eve moonlit skinny-dip in the freezing Groudle of Lhen Coan, Professor Janusz Verzweiflungcki (a former internee, not a native Manxman) was hauled up, trembling and dripping, on to the river bank by an importuning qualtagh, but - never one to forego a captive audience - blindfolded, gagged and bound the abject peon niftily hand and foot before lugging him home to be the sullen beneficiary of (a) sight of a stale bonnag and (b) an impassioned and inexorable expatiation on the finer points of Haydn's Sturm und Drang style (with special reference to Hoboken XVI/20) - much to the qualtagh's immobile fury, for he had been keenly anticipating this sado-masochistic groundhog fest - ordained to comprise (as ever) the annual leisurely explication of 'Bebung' in C.P.E.Bach's fantasias for five-octave unfretted clavichord . . . and so, once untrussed, was minded to excoriate the Professor for his unscheduled departure from the norm - the utter liberty!
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