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Quandary Resolution 5804
futilitarian, green gown, saltation, credence

After Roxy and Trixie Davidova had spent a day wallowing in self-pity, had decided that self-indulgently scourging themselves over their respective political thrashings at the hands of the Scottish Electorate was senseless futilitarianism, had showered and washed their hair and were sitting over morning coffee with their cousin Leigh Waters – she of the Green Gown as they laughingly chided her, for her mingling of amorous dalliances with tending her Dahlias – they felt themselves ready to give credence to their Aunt Daphne's story about Sir Parlane MacFarlane and his possible pollution of the Royal Gene pool, according to Sister Evadne Eglantine or, in the words of Ms Waters: “when he jumped the bones of Griselda of Longformacus, it was surely a process of saltation, or genetic adaptation without the 'Missing Link' as his spermatozoa were dancing round Griselda's ova, like Pigs in Clover!” and the Twins hooted and their bodies ached with laughing, for Leigh had a very picturesque way about her mixing of metaphors, as Trixie put it, like mixing manure in a midden!

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