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Quandary Resolution 6193
mittimus, embrittlement, petulant, stelliferous

As he let himself out of the ground level door, Sir Parlane MacFarlane emerged into a night so stelliferous that, even in the narrow close which ran down to the stews of the Cowgate, everything was exposed with a clarity unusual in the smoky town, already earning it's nickname of Auld Reekie; keeping his cloak wrapped around and half covering his face, just in case a party of The Watch with a mittimus for his arrest should catch him abroad, he turned onto The High with it's roof line having the embrittlement of carious teeth, against the brilliance of the starlight behind, and was just stepping around a puddle, from which the Moon shone up at him, when a petulant hand plucked at his sleeve: “why if it isn't my Lord MacFarlane, looking for a Doxy to warm yer loins on this cauld nicht?” and he turned towards the speaker – one of the whoors who plied her trade at night, where the Merchants' and Lawyers' wives came Marketing by day, and he smiled at the thought that Commerce kept no trading hours, only the goods for sale changed: “if it isn't Velvet MacCaroon?” he peered closer, into the shadowed face, half-hidden by a hood; yes, there were the bright eyes, the whites brilliant against her black skin, and despite the exertions of earlier and the cauld which could freeze a man's balls off, he felt the usual stirring in his cod-piece, and moved closer to her: “I'd stop for no other street whoor but you, at this hour, Velvet, but I am short of time, so let's be quick – a silver three-pence for you to swallow me,” and Velvet took his hand and drew him into the close-mooth, and to a dark room, but one he knew so well that he quickly seated himself on the edge of her bed; she unfastened his britches and his member sprang into her practised hands, and as her lips closed around it, Sir Parlane lay back to enjoy the expert fathomings of her tongue, deciding to delay his orgasm for perhaps fifteen or twenty minutes, that she might well have to earn her coin with more energy than she would have expected, but he knew that it would certainly be worth it, for both of them!

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