Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?
Quandary Resolution 6341
ignominious, squat, ramshackle, furphy

Captain Dick Turpin squatted beside the prone figure, checked that the stranger was breathing ok, loosened his tie and collar and laid him in the recovery position, then turned to his squad: “ok boys, he's in an ignominious state, but better than the others, so when he comes to, escort him to the Hold, I know it's kinda ramshackle which hasn't mattered till now, but we've had word, maybe a furphy, maybe not, that there could be an attack in the next few days, so make the place secure – Alfalfa, draw up a roster for guard duty, and Mitch, you were a carpenter, yeah?” the bearded ogry nodded, “okay, choose whoever you want and make the hold secure, and the bewhiskered man saluted, “okeydokey, Cap'n, Sir,” and bustled off to grab his tools, while Turpin looked down at the unconscious man; there were already four men in the hold, they'd been there for a couple of weeks, since the Platoon had arrived and found them, with the medic keeping them alive, but for how much longer he couldn't say, and now this guy had appeared – unless there was still a crevice somewhere that they'd missed: “Jim!” and his corporal, Jim Ladd, stood, “Jim, just in case there is anywhere we haven't checked, use the map we made and go over every inch – start at the right wall there and work along every inch until you get back there again, okay, maybe PFC Sloan could help, I think he was a miner before, this should be right up his street, ok, report back as soon as you've done it,” and with a quick salute, Ladd was off and now Kidd had time for a smoke, so moved over to the entrance, hidden behind a net covered in branches, and pulled out a pack of Luckys,” this was Friday, another supply delivery due tonight, so before first light he'd send a couple of guys to the heap of stones, the one with the door, to haul the sacks in, and then continue the wait for orders, and that coulfd be a long wait.

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