Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?
Quandary Resolution 6360
ingenuous, bisque, welter, gegenschein

Lolly looked at each of them: “is not my real name, is what Man call me; when my Mamma die, my Pappa take me to Bucuresti, say he not can keep me, only one wage and still got five little kids at home, Man pay him for me, Man take me, Man say he wanna fuck me but virgin get more money so fuck me in arse and mouth, Man say that my job now, get fucked, get paid, put me in van with lot girls, drive a long way, take me out at Newcastle, 5 other girl left, Man sell to other Man, he take us to warehouse, ha! whorehouse, lot beds, Man fuck us in arse and mouth, Man say Romanian girl virgin good money, he pass on to Pappa, don't laugh, I believe, you think she too ingenuous, I was 11 years, okay, Man sell me and other girl to another Man take us Edinburgh, sell me to another Man, he want virgin, tell me my name Lolly, take me with him Bowden, Man fuck me everywhere, Man not rough like other Man, Man like fuck me take picture, say me now his daughter, take me places, buy me clothes, buy me shoes, say he love my bisque complexion, never say he love me, fuck me every day, Man name Ranulph, say call him Daddy Ralphy, Man bring friend to house, friend Knickers and wife Christiane, Daddy and Knickers fuck me at same time, Daddy fuck Christiane, Knickers fuck me, Christiane man with tiny cock dress woman, every day Daddy fuck me, lot of days Knickers fuck me, when Party, lot of Man fuck me, fuck Ralphy, fuck Christiane, Ralphy and Knickers fuck other kids, boys and girls, Ralphy, Knickers, Christiane run village Youth Club, Drama Club, Christian Fellowship, Ralphy and Knickers fuck lots other kids, make boys fuck me, Ralphy always snap, snap, snap, fuck, fuck, fuck, snap, snap, snap; then mountain BOOM! smoking like old man's pipe, four Man come to house, Ralphy excited, say we have Big Party, plenty girl, boy, for all Man, skinny-dipping in pool, they talk too, big talk about Mountain, what in there, the four Man very important, very big Man, not like in their size, but Boss Man, their name Uncle Parry, Uncle Dunk, Uncle Georgie, Uncle Dom, Uncle Parry he fuck me lots, tell me he a Night – I don't know what that mean – he say young girl best for man, but tell me he fuck tousands of women, don't know what tousands mean but always young girl like me best, Uncle Knickers he Sergeant in Politsia and tell them what he hears on radio, lots of talk about Mountain, then more fuck, plenty for everybody, then Uncle Parry he take me from Daddy Ralphy but Ralphy don't want lose me. he beg Uncle Parry, even suck his cock, but No, Uncle Parry is abstinent, so the day after the party, Uncle Parry and Uncle Dom take me with them, while Uncle Georgie and Uncle Dunk go to see Politsia and explain they are okay but don't know anything about anyone else and Uncle Parry takes me to Edinburgh, to a house of a friend of his owns and I stay there with them, same as in Bowden – I cook and clean and be housemaid and they fuck me, sometimes one, sometimes both, very boring, I am bored and wanting to go home to Romania, I don't like Edinburgh, or Scottsland, very cold – even Bowden better, even Uncle Ralphy better, more gentle, more loving, I never felt raped by him, he never tie me up or tie me down, but Parry and Dom, they are black hearted men, like in Bucharest and Newcastle, when they fuck it has to be like rape, so one day, I find they have gone out without locking me in, so I go quiet down stairs and out, but where do I go, know no-one, then see Politsia Man and Woman, so go tell them I been raped and thrown away, so Politsia take me to big building, they say this Headquarters, and take me upstairs to Interview Room and give me can of cola, chocolate bisquits, and ask me wait here, and after about half-hour door opens and Uncle Dunk walk in! tells me I been naughty girl runaway from Uncle Parry, say I gotta go back and learn a lesson, oh my god, am in welter of emotions, fear, dread, hysteria, so I run and jump through window, through glass, through air, falling and falling, and thump, I open eyes, still alive, no pain but very dark, and sleep, dream still falling but light, slow, like snowflake, and when wake, find I am in Cavern, with strange people, look like Albanian, very severe, no talk, no smile, grim, grunt, grrrowl, ghuuu, uuugh, yukky, I no unnerstand and I stay with them maybe four months, six months, some of them fuck me pretty boring after what been, in, cum, out, until one night, out for brushwood when see gegenschein in sky, on horizon, stare at it then CRACK! struck by lightning, woke up in small village, with beautiful red Abbey called Melrose, just the other side from Bowden, strange place, no phones, no cars, no pubs, no punters to pay me to suck or fuck, so went up to Abbey to beg and pray for help, begged food then old monk he take me into room, he Abbot, he Boss Monk, he rape me, he tell me he got friends like girl like me, I wanted far away, try creep away in night, but they never sleep, all night up and down saying prayers, discovered by another old monk, think he gonna fuck me, this life never end for me till dead, but oh, no, he very Holy Monk, good man, kind to me, give me food, clothes, shoes too, offer him fuck or suck but no thanks, he help me escape, he is Brother Bede and he real live brother of Father Boisel, he help me find an old man with cart, he took pity on me and brung me here, and he no want me suck him for payment, this very strange place, queer people, but I meet Father Boisel and Greta been looking after me ever since, thankyou Father, you have save my life!”

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