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Quandary Resolution 6428
ragout, hoover, panoptic, opacus

What would have been a panoptic view of the wide valley between the Southern Hills and the ridge which ran from West to East and petered out just to the South of the town, was veiled by such an opacus haar that it was rendered null and void of interest; the Duke of Albany, having hoovered up a large dish of some sort of lamb ragout, burped, and apologised for disappointing his guest, who seemed hardly to notice anything: “perhaps if I loosened some of the knots,” Albany mused, “would that return feeling to you, but maybe you would prefer to lack feeling, I do know that there are others who would trade places with you, who would jump at the chance of being my plaything, giving me amusement, it is sad that you seem not to appreciate the honour I bestow on you, for now; later, I may tire of you and your lack of imagination, of appreciation, for you seem quite unaware – you are conscious, aren't you?” and he reached over and pushed up the eyelids, and was pleased to see a flash of fear or anger in the eyes, “good, good, passivity and submission are of course a given, but a little spark of resistance can add a frisson which seasons everything, like pepper and salt on beef – now, let us see what is between your legs,” and he pulled up the loose shift, stained and bloodied; and he smiled: “oh yes, of yes, I can see we are going to have fun together,” and he slid his hands between the thighs and pinched, and fondled, and tweaked, smiling broadly as he watched the reaction on the other's face: “well, at least I am going to have fun, and you are the fun I am going to have, so you might as well allow yourself to enjoy it too!”

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