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Quandary Resolution 6760
ecdysis, Banbury story of a cock and a bull, vaticination, plisky

"If we discount the ecdysis," said Jasmine later that night – well, by that time it was early morning, for they had been entwined in each others arms and legs as they rolled and tumbled in her bed for many hours, but who was keeping track of the time? - "someone could dismiss it as a cock and bull story, the product of a plisky imagination, though it could well explain verified vaticinations, which could be accounted for as someone coming back in time and therefore able to make predictions which they already knew would be fulfilled," and Ludmilla sucked one of Jasmine's nipples before responding: "like if Tomas duss trevel beck to hees own time, he already knows vot vill heppen," and Jasmine reached down between Ludmilla's legs and watched her friend's face light with delight: "that's exactly it, and if the Quantum Collisions turn out to be true, it would also explain what we call ghosts, but which are actually people who are in the same place, but years, decades or centuries before," and Ludmilla gave a little shudder as Jasmine's fingers toyed with her clitoris: "da, or after, becoss zeese pipples is really in zee same place, joost in a different era or epoch," and Jasmine kissed Ludmilla and their tongues played with each other, then she said: "so far as we know, other than Thomas, and Patience Scott, and Roxy's friend Elizabeth Bennett, and those three in America, who have all come forward in time, the rest all seem to have gone backwards," and Ludmilla grinned, "niet, my beloved, all have gone sideyvays, but it joost depends vich side zey goink, Теперь трахать мне мозги!"

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