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Quandary Resolution 6779
kaput, paint oneself into a corner, grimalkin, avarice

And the three dirty and dishevelled Scots were brought up, under armed guard to the Round Office which gave a 360-degree panorama of Washington and beyond to the far distance; the DC Trumpington Tower was a monument to the epic vision of it's creator, who wanted to give something back to the People, the Beautiful People, who had put their Faith in Him; and so he built this Residence for Presidents which took the Historic Office and gave it a Home fit for the 21st Century and beyond; never one to ignore his own avarice, Duck had set up the deal personally and the profits it brought kept rolling in, for while the construction had been paid for out of the Public Purse, the ownership was in the hands of the Trumpington Foundation and the rent, at a peppercorn 1 dollar per square foot of floor space an hour, brought a million bucks a day, plus service charges, which was well-laundered before it reached Dewey's pocket where it stayed; now with Dolores Bambona sitting primly on the opposite side of the great Round Table which dominated the room, President Trumpet-Trousers was able to assess his visitors: the tall, rangy man in a dusty kilt was clearly Sir Parlane, Dewey's most famous ancestor after his Pa, beside him the brawny Dominic Doubleday cut an impressive, if dangerous, figure too, and his wife, a common but well-developed woman with a sensuous mouth and breasts barely contained by her tight clothes - Dewey wouldn't mind painting himself into a corner with her, even if, as legend told, she was his great-great-and many more times-grandmother, he'd love to suckle her; turning to his grimalkin, Dolores, he asked her to bring some drinks for their guests and got a look which would have spelt KAPUT to more observant men, as she wiggled out of the room to do a servant's job, but turned back at the door and asked sweetly: "coffee or tea?" to receive a lascivious look from Sir Parlane, who said: "ah've got room fur six scotches mair, lassie, jist enuff tae stir ma loins an raise ma spirits," and winked at her; blushing - not something she normally did in response to sexual connotations, but this strange man did something to her which she could not understand - she glanced at the others; "same as the Maister," said Doubleday while Marie shot Dolores a look of pure venom and hissed: "geeza drap o brandy n hot watter, slattern," and took hold of Sir Parlane's arm, a possessive gesture not lost on Dolores, who snarled to the Secret Service Agent in the ante-room: "a bottle of the cheapest scotch you can find, Marvin, and some Japanese brandy from Wall-Mart in hot water for the strumpet!"

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