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Quandary Resolution 6871
subrogate, kohl, fidelity, divagate

When his eyes opened again, Sam found himself looking up at the concerned faces of Christiane Lauderdale and a young man, wearing the uniform of a Roman Officer; and now his mind made the connections: Little Levy Balquhidder had somehow opened up a Worm-Hole between Karla, his replacement Teddy Bear and a satchel belonging to a Roman soldier at Trimontium Camp just outside Melrose almost two thousand years ago – this must be that soldier and Levy had said that Christiane was there too (here, too, Sam reminded himself, for this must be where he now found himself) - he rubbed his face, like washing without water, and sat up, slowly, for he still felt giddy, and accepted a water-bottle Christiane handed to him: "thankyou, Miss Lauderdale," he said, "where exactly are we?" glancing around the little valley, and Christiane explained: "near Cauldshiels Loch, just a short ride from Melrose – I was telling Marcus, here, the legends about the Loch . . . . . but who are you, how do you know me?" and Sam explained who he was, about what was found in the raid on Ochan'toshan's house and that the police believed that Christiane had been murdered: "it was that guy Doubleday, he must have hit me from behind, and I woke up here, just as you have, but why are you here?" and Sam explained, as best he could, that according to Little Levy, there are dangers here – Sir Parlane MacFarlane and Dominic Doubleday – and Marcus who was trying to follow their conversation, said: "there is an officer at the Camp, Paracelsus Priapus Mafarlanius and his slave, Domus Dublidais, but what can they be to you?" and Sam tried as simply as he could, using the analogy he had come up with before of the children's game of Snakes and Ladders, scratching a rudimentary diagram in a patch of bare earth, to explain about Worm-Holes in Time and Space, through which some people could find themselves divagating forward or backwards in Time; young Marcus was exceptionally intelligent and he quickly grasped what Sam was saying: "so you think these two might have come from your Time, in the Future and subrogated themselves for the identities of a Roman Citizen and his slave, here?" at which Sam nodded, more certain now than he had been, for such an early example of identity-theft would be right up MacFarlane's street; and Christiane admitted that this was what had happened before: "so the story of you and your husband being attacked?" asked Marcus and she finished the sentence: "was a lie! yes, I had no knowledge of how I arrived here and had to tell you something at least half-believable, certainly half-true, or you would have thought me mad, or a spy," and Marcus took her hand in his: "strange as it is, I believe and trust you, the truth is that this Doubleday – the name he has chosen is so close – he must be the one who tried to kill you, but he will have to answer to me, now!" said he, declaring his fidelity for her and tears of gratitude streaked the kohl, which she had used to outline her eyes, while Sam furtively surveyed the hills which surrounded them, conscious that the two renegades from 2017 would most likely be very close at hand, for if they recognized Christiane, they would surely seek to silence her before she recognized them and gave their true identities away to Marcus!

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