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diuretic, adroit, élan, palindrome

Special Agent Max Million is an FBI Officer of long standing and a drinking buddy of Tavish's since they'd both studied Moral Philosophy at St Andrews University, when Max was on an exchange; he has long been a great fan of Cicero and often quoted from his speeches, and he oft-times reminded Tavish of Cicero's defence of Roscio Amerino on a charge of Fratricide in 80 BC and in particular his challenging question: "Cui Bono?" - which he attributed to a former Senator and Judge, Lucius Cassius Longinus Ravilla – now such an integral part of Criminal Investigations: "who benefits?" or even, "Follow the Money!" but he wasn't expecting Tavish's curious request: "can you find anything about a scientific lecture in Deadwood in July 1876?" though he dead-panned it with: "surely, Tavish, just give me five minutes!" and, true to his word. five minutes later he began to speak: "The Headline on the front page of The Black Hills Weekly Pioneer, the issue of 22nd August 1876, is 'Professor Einstein says we're all Generally Related!' and goes on to report on an entertaining subscription lecture in the Town Hall as follows: 'a motley assembly gathered in the Town Hall last night to hear the eminent German Scientist, Professor Jacob Einstein present an interesting theory about The Universe in which we live; an adroit speaker, the Professor illustrated his theme with a number of stage props left by Señor Jingles McGilligan, the conjurer and juggler, who has been in residence with afternoon and evening shows all week; an adroit juggler himself, Professor Einstein demonstrated that by keeping a Pool Ball, a Whiskey Bottle, a Feather, a Cigar Box, a Lady's Shoe (don't ask, we have promised not to name Miss Dora DuFran) and a Carrot in what seemed like Perpetual Motion, the concept of Space/Time could be illustrated: a Fourth Dimension, Time, is added to the three we all know – Height, Length and Breadth – which opens many possibilities for comprehending The Universe; and with a large Blue Balloon, to represent The Universe, he explained how from it's initial formation it has continually expanded to it's present size and shape – but he did not go so far as to suggest that it might POP like a balloon pierced by a needle; with his customary élan, the eminent mathematical savant drew diagrams and theorems on a large blackboard, donated for the purpose by Mrs Pottle, Deadwood's popular Schoolmistress, and advanced his Theory that everything in The Universe is Related, at which the Reverend Mr Pottle commented that, as all of Humanity is descended from Adam and Eve, he was happy to agree, but he did ask the Professor whether he challenged the accepted belief that The Universe and Everything in it was the handiwork of God, and the Professor said that he had no personal knowledge which would contradict that, much to the satisfaction of the Pastor who applauded enthusiastically and declared that the Professor was a shining example of the benefit of Christian Education – which was when the Professor informed the audience that he was a member of the Hebrew Tradition, and the Pastor riposted that so was Jesus Christ himself; at which point Professor Einstein asked if anyone could hand Miss Dora a Rod, and Mr Longman of the Miners' Association, handed him a Yard Stick, with which the Professor pointed to the words, Dora a Rod which he had previously written on the reverse of the Blackboard and asked if someone would read it backwards; Miss Calamity Jane Hickok raised her hand and, standing, carefully read the words backwards which turned out to be the same as forwards, which amazed those members of the audience who don't know a Palindrome from a Hacksaw! but the Professor explained that this was not simply a piece of fun, but rather it was his intention to suggest that once the whole Universe has expanded to its furthest limits, as had his balloon, it would – according to the mathematics which he had calculated on the board – begin to contract, to fall back upon itself, - in the same way also that a diuretic causes the mammalian bladder to contract and this increase the flow of urine while it empties, amid some laughter from certain elements of the aidience - during which Time itself would run backward, until all of the matter which composed the Universe would be compressed into a tiny but exceedingly dense spot, which, so packed with energy as it was, would explode with the might of Millions, Billions, Trillions all the way up to Gazillions of stick of Dynamite – the biggest explosion possible and undreamed of by Man - 'except for St John the Evangelist in his Gospel of Revelation!' cried Rev Pottle, and the eminent Professor bowed to considerable applause and cheers from all parts of the Hall!' so, old buddy, what's it all about? Who's this Jacob Einstein? cui bono?"

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