Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?
Quandary Resolution 6938
bear leader, wigwag, enthrall, narcotize

And Wild Bill had the members of Shottstown Ladies Quick-Draw Club enthralled by his reminiscences of life as a young man in the Wild and Woolly West: "once upon a time I encountered Soapy Smith, Jefferson Randolph Smith, do you know how he got the moniker Soapy? no? well this is how it was, it was in Tombstone, way back when I was knee high to a cricket, an my old man said I needed to learn a trade and he hitched me to Smith's travellin Medicine Show and Smith was my teacher, or guide in the ways of his trade, what we used to call a bear leader, like the old grizzly that shows his cubs the do's n don'ts of the bear world, so, some of Smith's Quack Cures would narcotize a grizzly in two minutes flat but they never brought customers back for more, so he decided to pitch his wares at women who wash and clean and scrub and all that wifely work cos he reckoned that they would keep buyin products forever once he hooked them, and his first hook was to wrap a $20 inside the soap wrapper and announce that several of his $1 soaps contained this lucky prize and he'd sell a few bars and I would strike lucky and whoop and yell that my momma was gonna be back for more and run off wigwaggin like a jackass, while Soapy sold out of his entire stock and maybe one genuine customer got the $20 while a couple more of his marks did too, and word got round and next day, same thing, only this time I was dressed as a girl and it all went off as before, and he usually did a third day with no-body except three of his marks gettin the lucky soap, which was when we'd leave for another town, and it was this successful con that earned him his soubriquet, and howabout how I come to be called Wild Bill, would you like that one, Ladies?" he asked, and offered his whisky glass for a re-fill.

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