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Quandary Resolution 6939
bear leader, amateur hour, vociferous, fais-dodo

"Well," said Wild Bill, "here's how it wuz: now ah telt yer that Soapy was a bear leader to me, but in truth he was more on a Pappy that my own old man ever wuz, but ah don't wantcher thinkin he wuz sentimental, God forbid, he wuz a business-man, merchant of Quack Cures and jest about anythin he could sell; there weren't no happy-hour when we wuz workin, it wuz focussed, he was vociferous and the crowd could be too, ye'd get hecklers, cat-callers, wiseacres tryin ter impress, all alongside reg'lar punters; well, one time we wuz at a fais-dodo in a little ten-shack, two-bit wind-swept, dust-catchin, law-abidin town in the Ozarks called Shangri-la – maybe somebuddy kin tell me iffen it's still there, ah'd show ma gratitude, the worst thing about bein in the past is we know nuthin bout the future but y'all knows all about us!" and he glanced around at the expectant faces, focussed eyes, flushed cheeks, parted lips, bated breath, the heaving bosoms and solid thighs inside very tight denims exposing more than he was used to seeing, but he was never one to complain about that! "oh, yeah, where was I? ah, Shangri-la, I don't rightly know what the name means, sounds kinda French, but maybe not, but there certainly was a French lady at the Saloon, they called her Frenchy and that was the name of her Saloon, but ah ain't got no idea o whether she was French, Greek, Timbuctuan or Alabama born an bred, she hud a accent but that din't tell me nuthin, ah wuz jest a kid learning the ropes as Soapy instructed me; anyhoo, one night after we'd closed up, Soapy took me an Jesse, we were the only two crew on that circuit, into the Saloon to wash the dust out of our throats; ah'd never yet got used to drinkin, an ah've got no idea what we wuz pourin down our throats, but ah do remember Frenchy and a couple other girls joinin us an Frenchy takkin a interest in me, she said sumpn ter Soapy about 'breakin him in gently,' an Soapy laughin an replyin that ah wuz 'a young colt, green an untamed!' what in the heck he meant ah'd not the faintest idea, ah doubt ah could’ve said that masel, ah think ah wuz at that stage a man gets to when if he can manage two syllables he thinks he's spoutin Shakespeare or The Declaration of Independence! ah do remember goin up the stairs and wakin in the morning wi a head that felt like a thousand steers wuz stampedin thru it an a tongue like the sole o an old boot; an when ah got back to the livery yard where Soapy kept the wagon, it was gone, along with Jesse and all the pay Soapy owed me, an he'd left a note, that said: 'Frenchy sez you are hung like a Wild Bull so consider your apprenticeship over, since you are now officially a Man, stand on your own two feet, walk tall, walk straight and look the world right in the eye; Mister Wild Bull Hickok; Certified, Jefferson Randolph Smith, Pharmacist and Alchemist,' but feeling a bit embarrassed about referin ter mysel as Wild Bull, I changed it to Wild Bill and that's been ma name evva since!" he smiled as the ladies applauded, and he wondered if some of them were wondering about whether he was indeed 'hung like a bull' but were afraid to ask!

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