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lection, moonsickle, holus-bolus, Aortic aneurysm

"And," Milly took a deep breath and continued her recitation: "that's not all - it seems a Very Reverend Angus MacAngus who's a great chum of the Dane Twins is in the BGH with an Aortic Aneurysm, which is interfering with their contesting Sam Smiles and Daphne and Maude's Injunction preventing them from selling Sir Parlane MacFarlane's Diary holus-bolus to US President Trumpet-Trousers for lots of dosh which they need very quickly to finance the excavation of the Cairn before Mr Moonsickle turns his evershining light on them - but no mention of who this Moonsickle geezer might be, tho apparently there's what they call a lection in the Journal which could blow the Scottish Establishment to smithereens as it seems to have been written in the 12th Century with detauiled and already proven predictions about the 21st Century!" and Isa glared at Milly, "whit's wrang Isa? am just telling whit they said, but Isa shushed her cousin, "don't you realise what it means if it's true? it means MacFarlane managed to get back to his ane Time an so must Griselda," but Milly just shrugged. as if to say "so?" and then actually did say "so?" at which Isa just shook her head with a grin on her face: "ye're a Numpty, Milly Millican, ye wis Born a Numpty ye'll stay a Numpty aw yer Life an in the end ye'll Dee a Numpty!" and Milly shrugged again, "an am Proud tae be a Numpty - at least am consistent, there's nae side tae me, abdy kens whit they get fi me, the God's Honest . . . . ." but before she could finish, Isa cut in with "Shite!"

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