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Quandary Resolution 7038
bafflegab, hummel, wardrobe, foolscap

Dateline Gotham City: Today, 20 seconds later: and that was when the two Scotchmen arrived and stared hard through glinted eyes and curling lips at the three journalists who sat at the table, oblivious to the proprietorial gimlet gaze boring into their turned backs; to the Scotch ears the talk was sheer bafflegab and in their eyes the man was nothing but a hummel, entirely lacking any of the characteristics of True Man – beardy face, lank hair, claymore, dirk, baw-bag and muckle poker – his wardrobe was sadly pathetic and he was fiddling nervously with a sheet of foolscap: "he'd best dae tae roll it up an war it as a dunce's cap," muttered the coarser and more thickset of the Albions, to which his evident Maister replied, "ye ken summat, Dominic, ah dae beleev tis Hybroo they'se gabblin in! oor Reserved Table's bin Hijacked be a trio o Judaical Witches – am thinkin they micht e'en be the very yins wha oor Sainted Great-Great-Granfaither Mac Bethad mac Findlaích wis cajooled bi – the yin in the maidst is a pishower, so we'll tackle tha tuff-luikin yins oan the ooterside fairst, ye tak tha yin oan the richt an ah'll deal wi tha tither, then whan tha boadygairds is oot o tha wey, tha wee nyaff'll spill his guts easy peasy tae keep us fae geldin him, sum fukn hopes! an oo'll discoover whit fiendish bleck mischief these foulsome an noxious murderers o Christ is up tae!"

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