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bibliomania, froth at the mouth, maudlin, Black Friday

And while all that was going on, right here, right now, on 4th November 2037, do you need to know the time? not really? okay then, just a few minutes ago DI Isa Urquhart got a phone call from Professor Carolina Moonbeam, with a 100% or there or thereabouts certainty on the DNA traces from the remains of the old men murdered twenty years ago, and the one survivor who had been left for dead in the River, after being pushed or thrown from the Swing Bridge: "two individuals were involved, and they are Sir Parlane MacFarlane and Dominic Doubleday, his Minder! now we know that this poses something of a problem for the Police, because it wasn't so long before these attacks took place, that the two suspects were blown up in an explosion in Washington DC, but they have proved themselves very able and adept at using Worm-Holes in the Space/Time Continuum to move backwards and forwards in Time and from Place to Place, so I'm not going out on a limb on this one, when I say that based on the DNA traces they were definitely involved in the attacks upon those old men" and Isa thanked her and asked for the full report to be sent to her; she called Detective Sergeant Milly Millican over and told her: "what we really need to do is check out whether that pair are still around – maybe you could contact the CBI – no, not the Confederation of British Industry, the Continental Bureau of Investigations, try Gotham City first, it's the biggest still and the kind of place they would be likely to gravitate to, especially now that the Republic of New York and District of Columbia is run out of Trumpington Tower there, could you?" and Milly nodded: "sure Boss, I'll give them a ring and Scan Prof Moonbeam's Report into their System, see we have," so Isa tried to relax; at least there was a definite pair of suspects, but the chances of an extradition – if they were even over there at all – was a 'To Do' for another day, even though the United States had Dis-United it was still as Hard as Hell to get a criminal extradited, even if they weren't State Citizens; and that was when her phone rang and she was surprised to see that its was a Transatlantic call, but from an unknown number, so she was cautious answering it and her, "hello?" gave nothing away; despite decades of cracking down on unsolicited cold-calls, phishing for information or offering to make a claim for a botched operation or accident which was not the fault of the recipient, businesses and scammers had always found ways and ways: the number displayed might be Yonkers, but as easily originate in Pyongyang or Timbuktu, and now a Bronx voice asked if the caller was speaking to Detective Inspector Isa Urquhart: "and you are?" she asked: "my name is Hyman Kaplan. I was in contact with a DCI Bruce Bruse and DI Gordon Brevity a long time ago, when they were working on the MacFarlane Doubleday investigation," and Isa interrupted: "yes, sir, I recall your name, both of those officers have retired, but I do know that you were very helpful up till the explosion in The Doll's House brought their mission to an abrupt end!" and Kaplan spoke again: "well, the thing is, they are back – MacFarlane and Doubleday; they tried to carry out a hit on me in the Algonquin, it's a long story, but my, well, they aren't actually bodyguards, associates – Sadie Moskowitz and Rose Mitnick – intervened and dumped them on the sidewalk, this was on Black Friday and the NYPD picked them up just afterwards and processed them as Drunk and Incapable, they wouldn't talk but once the Cops found out who they are, well, let's say the Cops here are very interested in something called The Ring of Gold, I don't know if you are familiar with the name, Inspector, it was probably before your time," and Isa blushed as she replied: "thankyou Mr Kaplan, I won't suggest you are maudlin, but I'm not so young, I was involved in the investigation at this end before that pair absconded to the USA," and Kaplan laughed, "of Blessed Memory! isn't it strange that an entity can survive so much and then be demolished by a lunatic or half-wit? wasn't it Boris Yeltsin who started the downward spiral in the USSR, and then Trumpet-Trousers Senior did it for the USA and some nincompoop called Rees-Mogg lost the United Kingdom – oh, I'm sorry, he might be a relative or acquaintance?" and this time Isa laughed: "don't apologise, Mr Kaplan, that particular leader of the Unionist Party was no favourite of mine, though many of us were quite happy to Dis-Unite with his particularly anachronistic Kingdom of England, before it became subsumed by Columbia and New York," and Kaplan whispered, as if concerned about his end of the conversation possibly being overheard: "you might be advised to send a couple of officers over, quickly, I wouldn't put it past Trumpet-Trousers fils to pull a few strings and get his pals either freed or quietly offed, if you get my drift? he's been reported as frothing at the mouth over their arrest, apparently they were House Guests at the Tower!" which reminded Isa, bibliomaniac that she is, of 'House Guests' at the Tower of London in the days of Henry the Eighth and Elizabeth the First.

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