Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?
Quandary Resolution 7117
robustious, genticide, zoomorphic, magnanimous

Shortly afterwards, when China Blue and Flora-Dora met up for a smoke and to exchange details of their respective tricks, it turned out that the tall, skinny guy had a long, skinny dick which under Flora's practised hands and mouth had been restored to something worth sucking: the guy obviously enjoyed the experience, for he had been magnanimous in paying over the odds, which quite charmed Flora; "how bout your short stocky guy, China?" she asked: "well hunny, his dick was as robustious as it's owner, and hung like a donkey – if I can be zoomorphic – and fucked like there wasn't gonna be any more tomorras, to tell the truth, he reached parts that ain't been reached in weeks, and he tipped me too, which makes me think that truckies here must be well paid, and generous with it – did your guy wear a weddin band?" and Flora replied: "yepp, even showed me a picter of wifey and three kids – though why he thought I'd be intrested in them, I do' know!" but China laughed: "there's lotsa guys do that, it's like they think once they've fucked we're family, but I don' mind, did yours mention Carmen and the Goldfinch stiff?" but Flora shook her head, "nah, he wasn't much of a talker, prolly all his woids come out his dick, he certainly gave me a mouthful," and she savoured the recollection, then asked: "but why're you so intrested in Carmen, babes, you din even know her?" and as she blew a mouthful of smoke into the breeze, China replied: "ya know, okay it was the john got done but from what you told me bout him half stranglin chicks while he's fuckin em, makes it feel like genticide - whenever a gal gets offed in the city, even if I never met em, I feel like one of my sisters got done, ya know?" and Flora nodded: "an the cops rarely catch the perp, prolly don even try, it's just a ho so what the fuck?" and China concluded: "but when a ho ice-picks a john all the shit comes down to nail her, even if she din' do it, like you said - who gives a fuck for justice, we're just shit to be shovelled offa the sidewalk, clean up a civic embarrassment!" and Flora threw her butt away: "wow, hun, long words and political philosophy, but here's another pair, you freeze yer butt off for hours and then they come along in twos, just as well you're here babes, an this time it's your choice, unless they have any prefernces!" at which China quipped back: "well one's a Whitey an the other's a African-American, so let's give em each an inter-racial offer they can't refuse!" and Flora, acting hurt, muttered: "ya want the BBC hun? yar takin the soul-food outa ma mouth! but seein as it's you babe, go for it!"

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