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Quandary Resolution 7138
on ice, corpocracy, boniface, mincemeat

So, while Archie Archibald, Factor of the extensive MacFarlane Estate on Cape Breton's least accessible – and most isolated - fringe, drives China and Flora to MacFarlane Castle, and a Fate which may be worse than any of us might imagine, let us put their story on ice for the nonce, for we have other fish to fry; remember how the Ring of Gold (Glasgow Circle) had taken over the leadership of the Good Shepherd Society's Milngavie Cluster, it's five reprobate members having been appointed Uncles for the group of children's homes located in the town and, by the bye, lovers (if that term can ever be applied to such single mindedly debauched and venal men as they) of the Cluster's five Aunts; the Corporation of Glasgow - with the corpocracy of any city dominated by a small number of extremely large employers from whom the vast majority of the citizenry derive their incomes - did not extend this far: Milngavie in 1947 was an independent Burgh, with it's own Town Council and it's own way of sniffing something 'not quite right' in the mincemeat; so it was a Dry Town, with no boniface to be Mine Host in a public house - not even the other premises licensed to dispense alcohol in depraved Glasgow, licensed grocers, who could put a bottle of Scotch in the bag with your mince and tatties, were to be found here, only Hotels were allowed a bar, for their residents, and in order to buy a drink the supplicant not resident was required to prove him (or her) self to be a Bona Fide Traveller; but the Uncles of the Good Shepherds brought their own and they and the Aunts - with the married ones husbands safely at home with the children - always enjoyed a drink or two (or three, four and more) after their weekly meetings which never failed to arouse sufficient passions for them to enjoy multiple orgasms before braving the cold winter night and heading home; and after the Aunts had left? – well that was when the Uncles paid clandestine visits to one or other of the Homes under their protection: ostensibly these visits were classed as 'unannounced inspections' and they took place on any night of the week – which kept the House Parents on their toes, never knowing when it might be their turn, and the highlight – for the Five Uncles, at least – was the private visit each made to the bedroom to one of the five children; the particular choice for each depended on his own proclivities, but all were much the same: the Uncle gave the girl or boy a bar of Fry's Five Boys chocolate and then engaged in deep and meaningful intercourse for the next hour, until sated and replete, he joined his fellows, gave a thumb's up signal to the House Father, which could mean anything, and the group departed!


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