Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?
Quandary Resolution 715
Annie Oakley, contemptuously, raj, mondegreen
"Quick, look there, Watson, at that Annie Oakley half bespawled by spindrift from the Hokusai-sastrugi, did the ticket, or pass, or whatever it is, not flutter out from the tatterdemalion lederhosen of Scholmo the feeble funambulist as he achieved his precipitate descent from the funicular? - why, it bears only the letter 'M', and surely (unless I am suffering from premature calculation) it is in the cultivated roundhand of my bitterest foe, Professor Moriarty, and so can only stand as a challenge to my famous deductive powers, constituting a veritable down-throwing of the Satanic gauntlet; so, let me see - 'M'? - could it intend my favourite fictional urchin Mowgli, the feral child raised by the jungle wolves of Kipling's Raj? - or can it be - yes it can, I have it! - the devil is playing with me most contemptuously, Watson, for it stands for none other than that curious neologism 'mondegreen', as yet unknown, and ergo undefinable save for my noetic clairvoyance; but his toying with me, Watson, is quite absurd, quite futile, for at this tipping point in my scientific sleuthdom I am (am I not?) always given to exclaiming: 'A low trick, and no time to lose', and Moriarty well knows that an arrant fool like yourself Watson always mishears that as 'A Lautrec, and no time, Toulouse' - so we must away to Paris and (I regret) to the Moulin Rouge to seek out those interdigitated vestal girlies as, beneath the windmill's arrested sails, they are compelled to kick high and cantillate 'Yes, we can-can', while the stunted dauber ogles their luscious, whitely-pulsating thighs etcetera from far below, the blackguard!"
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