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Quandary Resolution 7170
floccinaucinihilipilification, Everester, placate, New Year’s resolution

Which was how it was that at 9pm on the following evening, the Dean was able to visit the address in Drury Lane that Sir Peveril MacFarlane had given him; he rang the bell and shortly afterwards was admitted by MacFarlane himself: "so glad you were able to come, dear Dean, we only ever offer one chance and it would have been a shame if you hadn't managed to get away; we're in this apartment, it belongs to my Mistress, Sadie, she's in with the girls and another Member of The Ring, Mr Walter Junior - my assistant, you've met him I believe, Dirk Doubleday, is still in Edinburgh, doing some business with my lawyer," and they entered the sitting room of the flat and the Dean saw the three females sitting on the sofa, with a gentleman who would be Mr Walter, and then asked Sir Peveril: “you mentioned another candidate, what time is he coming?” and just then the bell sounded, “that'll be him,” said MacFarlane, before leaving the room again; Mr Walter invited the Dean to be seated in one of two armchairs facing the sofa, which meant that he had his back to the door and didn't see MacFarlane re-enter with another, younger man, but he sensed that there must be something interesting about him, because the older woman – though still a girl to the Dean – sat up slightly straighter and her eyes widened; “may I introduce our two candidates to one another, as you will become rather intimately engaged shortly,” said the Scotchman, so the Dean rose out of his chair and turned to see, with a mixture of shock and awe, that the new arrival was none other than the Rev. Obadiah Flowers, Curate at St Michael's. Although dressed not in his usual clerical garb but in the height of dandyish fashion, which made the Dean's civilian dress look shabby by comparison, but he recovered quicker than the young man: “we are acquainted, Sir Peveril, indeed my wife believes that I am meeting with Mr Flowers on a matter of Ministry,” at which the host laughed, “well, I dare say you have the satisfaction of knowing that you have told the truth on this occasion, even to the extent of performing the Divine Service of Holy Communion with our young subject, if you will excuse my irreverence; my New Year's Resolution was 'do not try to placate the implacable, deceive the deceitful, or seduce those reduced by floccinaucinihilipilification because when a woman is worthless she will throw herself into my arms to prove to herself that she is not – a palpable falsehood! and I gather that Mr Flowers, an ardent Everester, hopes to conquer the highest peak on Earth this year, well let us see how far his manhood will reach tonight. and Mr Dean, do you have a Resolution to announce tonight: and caught on the back foot, the clergyman blushed and stammered, “well, Sir Peveril, I am not normally given to making Resolutions, for I am well aware of the frailty of the human Spirit, but let me think, yes, I resolve that this year I shall go Onwards and Upwards, to places I have never been before, more frequently than ever before!” which brought applause from Sir Peveril and Mr Walter, along with cries of “good man,” and “stout fellow!” and belatedly from Flowers, “jolly good!”

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