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Quandary Resolution 7216
jackleg, live paycheck to paycheck, mnemonic, cheeselog, n.

"But Maw," whimpered wee Jeemy Murray (not as some careless proofreaders amend to Jeremy, forgetting that his given name is James) "ah dinnae want tae grow up livin like a jackleg cheeselog, fae pey-day tae peyday, sufferin fae nervous depression an exhaustion, ah ken am only six an it's a couple o yeers till ah'll hae tae gang tae dae a joab, but ah luv reedin buiks an learnin aw aboot wurds an whit they mean, ma life wudnae be worth livin if ah didnae hae the mental energy or acuity tae read anither page or anither wurd," and his mither smiled doon at her bonny wee laddie, an she held him tae her bosom an whispered his latest mnemonic "TTOTAWIAWBI," aye it wis true enuff. he was a smart wee loon an she wis sure he'd grow up tae be a fine man an mebbe mak sumthin o his life, aince he got ower his obsession wi wurds an their meanins, but that wud pass, as surely as eggs is eggs; noo, whit wis it he'd said: "owt chinges - Tak Tent O Time, Aw Wis Ithers, Aw Wull Be Ithers, but if it was carved oot an set oan a hoose-end, it'd hae tae be in Inglish: Take Account of Time: All Was Others, All Will Be Others, aye it wud look fine, but mebbe stick wi Tak Tent o Time, nice an short, jist like wir ain lives which wis the pint o it efter a', an five letters less fer the stane mason tae cut, an the penter tae pent, so near a shillin saved!


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