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Quandary Resolution 7220
jackleg, echelon, instauration, irie, adj. (and adv.) and int.

An wee Jeemy Murray turned his tear-stained face up tae his mither's: "maw?" he askit her, "div ye mind moi readin aw thae buiks?" and his mither gazed doon at the worrit face: "naw, naw, Jeemy laddie, ye'r a braw wee loon an a luv ye whit'er ye dae, except playin at the fitba on the dryin green when aw the wimmin's sheets are blawin in the wind, thon ah cannae condone!" and he nodded in acknowledgement o the solemn pact an covenant he'd awreddy made, "bit ah wis thinkin, ah micht hae a wee wurd wi yer pa, see iffen he micht be able tae find sum joabs fer ye in the shoppie, whit wud ye think o that, ma lamb?" but he looked even mair worrit: "ah dinnae ken that am cut oot tae be a draper, maw, even in the lower echelons o the trade, ye ken fine am mair o a buik-wurm," and he swallowed a sob, so his mither carried oan: "well, lissen tae the rest o whit ah wis goanie say, ye wee galloot! ye ken the Penny Library that's bin instaurated at the Misses Robertson's shoppie?" an he noddit, "weel, they hae a special deal, fer loons an quines, fower buiks a week fer a penny, a farthin each, or twa fer a ha'penny, div ye think ye could read twa buiks a week?" an he chortled: "easy-peasy, ceptin fer Greek, they tak a wee bit langer, am urny sae hot at Greek yet, but no ower bad fer bein only six," so his mither wiped his hot face wi her pinny: "weel, if yer pa fund ye sum we bits an boabs tae dae, an peyd ye a ha'penny a week, ye cood borrae twa buiks frae the Misses Robertson's, hoo's that soondin, wee man?" and the wee laddie flung his airms arroon her neck and gied her sich a cuddle she thocht he wud squeeze the life oot o her; which wis when they heard vigorous chappin at the door, "gaun an see wha that is, Jeemy," sed his mither, and off the bairn trotted, only to return a few moments later with two dishevelled men, looking like a pair o jacklegs: "sorry tae bother ye, mistress," said one, "but ah'm Sir Principle MacFarlane an this is ma freend, Darcus Doubleday; is this the doctor's hoose?" an wee Jeemy gazed in wonder at the second man. with his black face an haunds an blurted oot the question: "excuse me sir, ah hope am urny bein impertinent, but ur ye fae Africa?" an tho his mither began tae apologise fer her son's bad manners, the man hissel, Mr Doubleday, gave a reassuring smile an held oot his haun tae Jeemy: "my forefathers came from Africa son, and I was born on Jamaica, into slavery, but Sir Principle here, he bought my freedom, for which act of kindness and generosity I thank The Lord and Sir Parlane every day of my life, for everything under the sky is now irie for me; but my sisters and brothers remain enslaved and Sir Parlane and I are dedicated to the abolition of that which is an abomination in the eyes of Lord Jesus Christ and his Father, our Almighty God, Amen!" an wee Jeemy's eyes were wide wi wonder an his lips formed a circle and aw he could say was "WOW!"

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