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Quandary Resolution 7222
jackleg, agonic, recuse, misway, n.

Noo, whiles wee Jeemy's mither explained to Sir Principle hoo he wid be able tae contact the Doctor – wha, she kent fine well, wis attendin tae a groom at Minto Castle, his freend Darcus hud a peek at the buiks displayed in a widden case ahent Jeemy: "these your pa's books, son?" enquired the black man, his eyes and teeth flashing, "naw, sir, they's aw mine!" an Darcus froond: "do you take me for a jackleg, sonny? these books are way beyond the comprehension of a small child," which made Jeemy's hackles rise, visibly: "ah divnae ken whit kind o agonic ye micht be tryin tae use sir," he said stoutly: "but ah've been readin since a wis three which is hauf ma life, an these anes are jist the anes av finished recently, the rest o ma library is in oor attic an if ye dinnae bleev moi, ye kin ask ma maw!" at which Darcus raised his haunds in surrender: "forgive me James, I meant no offence, but you are the youngest reader of Miss Austen, and Mr Shakespeare I have encountered and I am duly impressed!" at which Jeemy relaxed and asked the visitor: "wha's yer ain fav'rit buik, Maister Doubleday?" and the man grinned widely: "well, first off, I need to recuse myself, because I only learned to read when I was twenty, so I lost a lot of time on you, and while I've read a couple of Miss Austen's novels and seen a few of Mr Shakespeare's dramas, my reading has been more purposeful and less for pleasure, but my personal favourites would be Mr Tom Paine's The Rights of Man and The Age of Reason," and the boy nodded vigorously: "aye, they're awfy guid, so wid a be richt in thinkin ye've likely also read M Rousseau's The Social Contract? thon wis the first ane ah read richt thru in French – mind ah wis takken doon a few misways but worked ma wey roond!" and it wid be troo tae say that Doubleday wis dumfoondet; he sat doon an keeked at the wee laddie kinda sidieweys, like as if he wisnae richt sure the boy wis really the age his size an looks suggested, or wis in fact a sixty-year-auld midget!

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