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napoleonize, QWERTY, biddable, gulab jamun, n.

Lord Minto looked quizzically at MacFarlane, as if puzzled by the strange rhyme, but when MacFarlane spoke, it was to ask: "we noticed the letters QWERTY carved on a stone as we approached, can you tell us what that means?" and now Minto chuckled: "it stands for Quod Venor Vicies Ecce Regius Tyrus Yatus which translates from the Latin to mean Respect the twenty Huntsmen, see! the Tyrant gawps! and refers to the twenty Turnbulls who defended Minto Crags in 1545 against the assault by Lord Hertford's army during the Rough Wooing! they had burnt out Hawick and expected a quick assault but the stout defenders held out for five hours and cost Hertford 200 men before he captured the Crags and burned everything on them; later the Turnbulls built Fatlips Castle which was bought by my great-great-grandfather, Gilbert Elliot, the first Baronet of Minto; he was given to a degree of napoleonizing before Napoleon was even thought of, he successfully defended William Veitch and the Earl of Argyll but had to flee to the continent, being sentenced to death in absentia as an opponent of Charles II but was pardoned and rehabilitated by William III and was able to return to his home; in truth, he may not have been biddable but stood by his conscience - it was he who had the letters carved but unfortunately the mason read VV as W and received payment for 6 letters rather than the 7 he would have got; in many ways old Gibby was a Citizen of the World, he even employed an Asian cook who had his own recipe for gulab jamun which we still make here to this day, we'll have some later, it's a kind of Tablet which I've been thinking we should package and sell in one of the Denholm shops - I'm convinced there could be a real market for something carrying the Minto name!" and Doubleday suggested: "how about Pepperminto Tablet, that might go down a treat!"

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