Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?
Quandary Resolution 7248
hyperborean, stochastically, caravansary, phlogistic, adj. and n.

"Enough with the 'alreadys', already, Hymie," said Sadie Moskowitz, "you're treating our guests like a pair of yentas and Jackie Mason you ain't!" at which Kaplan chuckled: "Jackie's antecedents came from Pinsk, mine were from Minsk, so from that make deductions!" and to the visitors: "the locals who use the Penthouse, they're bottom feeders who wanna be Top Dogs: Miranda Holmquist, she's the hyperborean one, genetically speaking, you can tell by the name, she calls herself Catwoman – they all adopted monickers from the Batman storiesHoward Allason, AKA The Penguin, who's a real stuffed shirt, thinks he's a great financial manipulator but doesn't do basic math, and Fred Dinnage or The Joker, yeah, laugh a minute, he's kinda phlogistic, bi-polar, what we used to call manic-depressive; they use this place like a caravanserai, a watering hole, or somewhere to lie up and plan their next misadventure but The Silk Road Gotham ain't; they must pay off someone at City Hall cause no-one ever comes round asking about them, but if you take the situation stochastically, relating apparently unrelated events, a picture emerges – you know those old kids games where you have a plastic tray with square pieces that you slide around? well, that's what we've been doing, oh! and there's a JFK lookalike showed up. but where he fits in the puzzle is unclear," and he paused; "and, of course the two you are interested in, well their set-up is The Ring of Gold, which you know about but also Doubleday Trucking and a reported sighting of the missing Bronx DA, Crystal Shann-Delleer! now you don't know her from nuthin, but my source is unimpeachable on three counts: 1, I've known him all my life; 2, he's worked in the Courts for years and knows Ms Shann-Delleer well; 3, my father was a Rabbi!"

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