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Quandary Resolution 7354
metathesis, wrest, manticore, gremolata, n.

When Dada and Magda arrived at the address Jakob had given them they were surprised to find the basement room was filled with a crowd of people, some they both recognised but others were total strangers; Jakob was standing on a chair, addressing them, reading out a Manifesto he had prepared, while Miriam handed out printed copies to everyone; Jakob had a glowing intensity about him as he described the aims and principles of Der Spiegel which, he said, would be Art – by which he meant everything which falls under that heading, being a mirror of the whole of society: "we will use every form and medium of Art, to awaken the sensibilities of our audience to the absurdity of bourgeois complacency and alert them to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe and Everything! whether we give them the Answer to that question will depend on each and every one of us being prepared to wrest all that we have been schooled about Art, Science, History, Logic, Religion and Politics from the hands of our teachers and throw them out of the window and fling a pot of paint in the face of Middle-Class, Middle European satisfaction with itself and raise the flag of Artistic Revolution above the doors of Cabaret Voltaire and challenge the Burghers of Vienna to fling the paint back at us – if they do! if they do, that will be the proof that we have succeeded in awakening them! will anyone Second the Motion!" and Dada was the first to jump to his feet and cry: "I do!" immediately followed by the same response in a dozen languages and Jakob sat down on the chair and wiped his face with a red kerchief; everyone was clapping, cheering and full of the excitement of the moment – like Martin Luther he had nailed up his Metathesis and the response far exceeded his hopes; now Miriam, the accomplished organiser behind his bravura performance, was signing everyone up, getting names, addresses and details of what each could contribute, be it money, time, skills or contacts; Jakob had set the date for the opening of the Cabaret in a week's time and there was much to do; he had received a letter from his friend Emmy Hennings, saying that she had met another poet and performer named Hugo Ball at Cabaret Simplizissimus in Munich where they were both working and she hoped they could travel soon to Vienna as they were both interested in the Cabaret he was setting up: "what a coup," he had told Miriam and she agreed, for Emmy was a published poet and several of her collections sold well in the bookstore Miriam managed, she had also heard Ball's name mentioned in some of the circles she was involved with as a stirring avant garde performer who managed to both shock and impress his audiences: "that's just what we want here," said Jakob, rubbing his hands with glee; then he cornered Dada and Magda: "now, I don't want to be a gooseberry, but I need you, Dada, to start to work producing plans for the design of this place, I know where I can find any tradesmen you might need – carpenters, plasterers, electricians and the like – so the sooner you can have drawings for them to work from and we can get the basics done, the sooner you and anyone else you can involve, can begin with the décor. it's entirely in your hands – though I rather fancy the idea of creating a Manticore in plaster, wood and paint, if that is possible – is that okay?" and Dada beamed with delight and pleasure at being given this responsibility, and Magda said that she was sure some of the seamstresses and craftsmen at the Opera House would be glad to lend a hand and told Jakob that she hoped to put together a small troupe of singers and dancers – I can probably even manage a small jazz combo from the orchestra, would that help?" and Jakob would have kissed her, had he not been conscious of Dada standing close by! instead, he invited them to join him at the Italian Restaurant next door: "Signora Mantalini creates the most unbelievable gremolata, truly to die for!" so off the two couples went, heads together in discussing the tasks they would each undertake.

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