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Quandary Resolution 7380
hors d'oeuvre, horses for courses, newfangled, owler, n.

Which is why the next morning, Bill, who had spent the past few nights passing himself off as an owler and selling cheap wool to various premises in the neighbourhood, was today in the guise of a Muffin Man, and carried his tray along the well-appointed street where Sir Edmundsbury Godfrey had his town house, just at the time when he knew the wench, Elizabeth, would be stepping out for her morning stroll; he saw her, and winked, she saw him, and recognised the meaning of his wink; before she had entered the household of Sir Edmundsbury, she had been a doxy and had received many such winks and enjoyed the fruits of what followed – but a Muffin Man? oh. she'd seen him before on the street, but this was something that had not happened for several years, since she had become Mistress of a Gentleman, albeit a Coalman! "oh, well," she thought to herself, "horses for courses," but the Muffin Man stood his ground and it was she who approached him: "you are very bold, Sir!" she said: "and you are a very fine Lady," was his response; "from whither do you come, Muffin man?" she asked, their eyes locked on each other: "from Drury Lane, Madam," he replied: "and whither dost thou wish to go, Muffin Man?" and he smiled for the first time, receiving a smile from her: "somewhere dark and warm, Mistress," he suggested. a knowing look in his eyes; she turned, and he followed her, down the alley at the side of the house and into a back court, not overlooked by any windows of the houses all around, which was where she stopped and turned back to face him again: "you follow me, sir," she said: "aye, Mistress. wherever you go I'd be sure to follow your lead," and she cocked her head: "and are you made of strong stuff. Mister Muffin Man?" she looked down, "well," she added, "certainly you seem to have risen to the occasion, but are you able to remain standing?" and he flashed her a look: "upright?" and he slipped off his tray and placed it on the stone flags: "tall and straight," he said, and she stood back against a wall, lifting her skirts and petticoats, showing that she was wearing no drawers, and he dropped to his knees and gave her a wet, deep kiss, inserting and probing with his tongue, then leant back and stood up: "that was just the hors d'oeuvre, now for the main dish, it's much more filling," and as he said so he moved closer, leaned towards her, and unfastening his britches, his manhood sprang out, as large and masculine as any she had encountered, certainly much more that the Master was able to give her: holding it gently in her hands, her gloves long since pocketed,"it's so long since I've had the promise of a knee-trembler, Sir, this as close to being newfangled than anything I have experienced for many a long day, come inside, Mister Muffin Man," she said, "and let's see if your wares live up to their promise!" and as he did so, he whispered: "your muffin is much sweeter and warmer and softer than mine, given the choice I'd fancy a bite of yours every day!" and her natural, spontaneous laughter pealed around the confines of the close as he thrust himself deep inside her and she clutched and pulled his body hard against her own!

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