Quadrivial Quandary:  Logophiles, Rejoice!  Each day we give you four unusual words.  Can you fit them all in one illustrative sentence?
Quandary Resolution 7416
adhocracy, sudorific, chivalry, parciloquy, n.

Gracie opened her eyes and saw the concerned face of nice Dr Jekyll smiling down at her, he was a fellow Scot, as chivalrous ast they come and though she had only seen him on a few occasions, she had liked his easy manner: "ah, Miss Lang, back wi us? yer guid freend Miss Siddons sent fer me, ye faintit an ye hae a temperature, yer a wee bit sudorific – ye'll ken the rhyme aboot Cuddy's sweat, Men Perspire, an Ladies Glow, weel a fever turns us aw intae beasties but thon's jist the boady's wey o fechtin whitever infection or cause there is fer yer feelin poorly, but Ah dinny think it's onythin fer ye tae worry unduly aboot, hae some rest fer the next twenty-fower hoors, dinny eat until ye are actually hungry, but plenty o fluids," and he turned to Sadie, who was hovering behind him: "likely jist black tea fer the next few hoors and then mebbe beef tea, but nuthin solid till the morn's morn and then stert wi jist toast an see iffen she can keep that doon afore onything mair substantial, the morn's e'en, some poached fish wud be safe enuff; itherwise, jist keep an ee oan her, but Ah really think it should be ower by then," and back to Gracie: "if ye are still feeling unweell the day efter the morrow, pop alang tae ma surgery an we’ll get Nurse Crimond tae examine ye, but Ah winny be surprised if Ah dinny see ye, ye seem strong an healthy, although you could probbly dae wi a bit mair fresh air than Ah'm guessing ye get, oh, and nithing alcoholic for the next few days, ither than that, Ah've given Miss Siddons a phial of laudanum, which ye can sip if ye find it difficult to get tae sleep at nicht, though Ah dinny expect ye tae need it; ye'll observe nae doot that General Practice is a kind o Medical Adhocracy - sumdy has an ailment or whitever and we poor Doctors hae tae rack oor brains fer whitever the cause micht be an find a curative; it wid be guid if we could treat folk in advance, teach thum hoo tae avoid bein tooken unweel, bit thon's fer anuther dey, so richt ladies, Ah'd better be aff," and he accepted his hat and cane, which Little Minnie held out for him and gave her a wink and a penny as she curtsied, and he was gone; "well, Gracie, 'e might be a fine Keith an Proctor," said Sadie, "but 'e certainly ain't no parciloquist, I 'opes 'e don't charge for the words!" –

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