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Quandary Resolution 7554
boodle, unwittingly, pacify, discandy, v.

When the Ship's Carpenter (and coffin maker) Mott, known to all and sundry as The Hoople, for obvious reasons, got out his squeezebox and began playing slow ballads which sounded more like dirges, Darcus jumped up and said "no, no, my man, ye gotta play it eight to the bar," so clamping his pipe firmly between his gums, old Mott started vamping and was soon belting out a rhythm that got everybody's toes tapping, and Darcus began to sing an oldie he had learned back on the plantation:

"Boodle-am, boodle-am, boodle-am, boodle-am, boo,

Gimme-dat, gimme-dat, gimme-dat, gimme-dat, doo,

Shake-it up, shake-it up, shake-it up. shake-it up, shake,

You can run for a mile but you never get away from that snake!"

unwittingly setting the scene for Cab Calloway – it's true – cause there was a child among the passengers who watched and listened and learned all of Darcus' songs – it was a long voyage – and little Minnie when she grew up passed the songs she had memorised as a child to her granddaughter, who passed them to her granddaughter who was Cab Calloway's mother and he learned some of the words and rhythms and added his own touches and of course Minnie the Moocher was a sly reference to his great-great-great-grandmother; well'now, as it happens, the music of Old Mott and the songs of young Darcus pacified little Minnie like nothing her parents had tried, and when it was her time for bed, she would turn her discandy eyes, brimming with tears, and ask Darcus if he would sing again tomorrow, and he would promise that not a thousand sea-serpents could stop him and with a brave smile on her face, little Minnie took her mother's hand and trotted don below decks

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