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boodle, ark at ee, bereft, solipsism, n.

As Jakob and Frauleine Heidler left Hackensack's journalistic factory, he asked her about herself, commenting that she and the other stenographers were very young: "oh, yes," she replied, "the oldest is just twenty-two, I'm 17 and the youngest is fifteen," and, surprised, Jakob said: "and you all know so many languages!" at which it was Frauleine Heidler's turn to laugh, "just call me Paula, you are a friend of Wolffie, we all know our own language plus English, so that's the one Herr Hackensack uses," but that raised more questions for Jakob: "where did you learn English? at home? how can you translate so fast?" and Paula stopped and he stopped too: "ark at ee," she said, "questions, questions – Herr Hackensack has a friend with a language school: Berlitz Babel – learn any language in 14 days or your money back! but we only had to learn English and Herr Hackensack paid for our courses, but how is Wolffie? it's so long since I saw him, though he did write to me at home, but his letters were solipsisms – he was bereft at the loss of our dear mother, but so was I and I was only 11 when she died, and he was distressed about being rejected by the Art School, he kept saying that in every letter, in the end I threw them all away, and I didn't have an address for him but I came here anyway, I didn't realise that Vienna is so BIG! and with so many people, I thought I would probably bump into him in the street, like back home, what a lot of boodle! you must think I'm stupid," but Jakob stopped and so did she: "no, Paula, you are not stupid, you came from a small town to the Capital of the Austria-Hungarian Empire, a city with more than thirty languages being spoken among it's two million inhabitants! you aren't stupid, you are very brave, to come here, find a job, learn English! look, here we are, Cabaret Voltaire! let's go in and see if Dada's there . . . ." but she held back: "who's Dada?" and Jakob realised that he hadn't used his friend's nickname during their walk, and that Paula kept calling him by his childhood nickname: "you call him Wolffie, we call him Dada, but whatever name we use, he's still your big brother, let's go in!"

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