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couch potato, whip-smart, circuitous, high-lone, adv.

Next was an improvised ensemble piece entitled The Critics, devised by Jakob and featuring most of the company, including Grigor the Doorman; the stage lights were dimmed, while the auditorium was fully lit: the Stubenhockers' sofa was turned to face the audience, and extra chairs were quickly placed on either side of it; Grigor stood high-lone, centre stage, peering out, apparently thinking and then he said: "that's rather a good one," picking out and pointing directly at his selection, in this case a florid man accompanied by a very young girl; this occasioned gales of laughter and Magda, quite hysterical, jeered and said: "you've got no taste, Grigor, it looks like it was put together by a salami-dealer, or is it the girl you've got your eye on?" and Grigor, blushing to his roots, protested that he wasn't so easily won over and said: "no, the man, the man, I swear he's the clown at the State Circus, can't you see? his eyebrows, I've never seen such fine eyebrows, they must have been done by Dada, they look like two hairy caterpillars intent on mating!" which brought Dada to his feet: "never in my life, no, never, not once, not twice, have I been so humiliated, I've done dozens, hundreds of eyebrows, but never in my life have I done anything so, so, Prussian!" and the banter continued as members of the company compared views on different individuals in the audience; Tristan thought a young man was surely Caspar Friedrich's original attempt at The Wanderer: "of course here it is a Front View, while in the finished work he is seen from behind, with no hint of his face, but can't you see the similarity? the coat is very well-executed, you can almost feel the cloth, definitely from the Flea Market!" and Miriam spoke up, whip-smart: "yes, I know it is a Still-Life, but even so, there is something Vital, almost Alive about it, you can almost feel the blood pumping through their bodies, and although that girl is dressed in the height of Demi-Monde fashion, you can sense she has no knickers on!" and the girl in question shrieked with laughter, which brought her more attention and her companion squirmed as if he wished the house lights cold be dimmed and he would no longer be in the spotlight; then of a sudden all the lights went out for a few seconds, and a single spot came on, tight on the face of a blonde girl – it was Jenni, who had been on stage with the others but had raced, by a circuitous route, to emerge in the middle of the audience – so bright that the darkness in the rest of the room seemed denser, impenetrable; slowly, incredibly slowly, with all eyes fixed on her face, the light expanded, showed her whole head and the cascade of her hair, her white shoulders, upper arms, breasts! there was a gasp of shock, but no eyes left her, motionless as if carved from marble, and the audience realised she was entirely naked and – darkness! the house lights came on, dimmed, became brighter, and on the spot where she had stood, a red dress was pooled around a pair of shoes – no-one had heard her slip away and there was a drum-roll and when the audience turned towards the stage, there, on the sofa with Herr Stubenhocker, once again dressed as his wife, she sat quite demorely; there was a brief silence as the audience worked out what had happened, did a double-take, but couldn't work out how it had been done in the time it had taken, and burst into applause for having been quite baffled!

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