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Quandary Resolution 7576
dickensian, lepak, duress, quede, n. and adj.

Paderewski Varolov and Dmitri Dosvedanya stepped out of the train and blinked in the sunshine, their cases piled around their legs and seeming to expect a peasant porter to rush to their aid, but this is Tweedbank, the terminus of the two-year-old, resurrected Borders Railway and there are no peasant porters available, not even shlepping towards the bike shed to lepak with their cronies and smoke surreptitiously out of the gaze of the security cameras which surveille the car park and platforms like some quasi-Dickensian Beadle's beady eyes and the only people waiting to greet them are Grigori Rasputin – whom they recognise from the old photographs every Russian has seen many times – and a strange trio, three craws as in the old Scottish Song, but rather than being sat upon a wa', they were standing behind the former monk as if hoping that he would protect them from scrutiny; instead he beckoned them and they trudged after him and towards their guests; names were exchanged, hands formally shook, and the two Professors Sir Clement Dane led the way to the waiting taxi, leaving the Russians, helped by Rasputin, to manage their own luggage, while the rather helpless Very Reverend Angus MacAngus fussed around like a mother hen: "oh, fancy that, so many cases and not enough hands," he bleated, wringing his own, rather ineffectually, making a great show of the state of duress in which he found himself, rather concerned lest the inhospitable welcome they had received might put them into some Dostoevskian quede which might bring extremely prejudicial harm to himself – oh, and the Danes, although in his heart of hearts he believed that in a situation like this it was truly a case of every man for himself and he knew, if at a pinch he had to act in self-preservation, exactly what he would do!

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