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Quandary Resolution 7596
fusspot, supernumerary, trousseau, phynnodderee n.

Enda O'Shaughnessy ran a one-man bus, it was his own, bought with the remains of the trousseau and dowry his wife Mairead had brought to the marriage, along with her parents small farm after they passed on, after he had been paid off when the local Riordan's bus company went bust; Enda was a fusspot of a man, but useful to The Squad, because a bus driver sees everything and, in a one-man bus (he had decided that a conductor was supernumerary, he could collect fares as well as drive) he is rather like a priest, for everyone talks to the driver, giving out tickets instead of absolution; he knew he could never be a farmer himself, hadn't been born to that life, but Mairead had and, along with their son and daughter, and the phynnodderee that farm-folk all believed in, they fed themselves and had a small surplus that went to the village butcher, the greengrocer, and sometimes the three-bedroom hotel when there were paying guests – though The Troubles had ended the regular English fishing and shooting parties in this part of ther country at least, there were still commercial travellers and the odd man-on-the-run who could be hidden in the loft till it was him to be moved on; sometimes the Auxies would stay there if they were having a shooting spree and when they did the locals stayed out of the bar, so the Tans had it to themselves, which made it a useful listening post for The Squad; when TP and Paddy reached the bus it was obvious that ould crabbit Enda was dead, a bullet in each eye, his tongue cut out and his ears slashed off: that was an Auxie trademark to denote a spy, who now could see, hear and speak no evil; and before they headed towards the village, TP cursed the bastard MacFarlane and swore that if it was in his power, he would bring his own retribution on the Anglo officer!

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